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Welcome to EPOS Direct, the world’s leading supplier of EPOS Solutions making businesses successful through the use of proven, trusted and high quality technology. EPOS Direct is a global brand with branches located in UAE, India, UK, USA, South Africa and APACS regions. At EPOS Direct we are dedicated to providing highly cost effective and productive EPOS solutions to Retail, Fashion and Hospitality clients globally, not only that we provide a life saving software that will allow hassle free management and save mass amounts of time. Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of small business through to large multinational businesses with multiple languages and EPOS software and hardware that can be used effectively around the world.

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16 years of excellence

Prepare to make your purchase with confidence:

  1. Proven technology that is modern day and will take you into the next 10 years
  2. We are probably the only supplier globally with the most extensive R&D team that applies latest updates almost every 6 months
  3. Guaranteed to be unbeatable on price AND quality
  4. 24 hour global support
  5. Emperium EPOS has full features to suit your needs
  6. Multi language capabilities
  7. Servicing by local people to give you confidence
  8. 100% Customer Satisfaction
  9. Award winning EPOS Software’s
  10. Our EPOS Systems allow you to grow, develop and expand your business
  11. We bring to you a genuine timesaver
  12. We offer top quality hardware and provide you with only the best
  13. Our software’s are created keeping you in mind!
  14. We are able to customise the software in order to meet the needs of your business
  15. Our Stock evaluation element in the software’s allow you to maintain security and secure your insurance
  16. We emphasise on Loyalty and promotional elements within our software’s to ensure customer loyalty
  17. Our EPOS Systems allow your business to increase your profit margins; because if you grow, we grow!

So don’t have a heart attack! Buy an EPOS

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15 years of excellence


We are the Original Supplier of the Emperium EPOS software globally, don’t be fooled by imitations, insist on the best and buy with confidence from EPOS Direct.

Lets make your business a success together, your success is our future!


EPOS Direct (UK) Ltd is registered in England and Wales registration number 05665916 with its registered office at
Northern and Shell Tower,
4 Selsdon Way, London,
E14 9GL.