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Nice of you to navigate into our printers section. In here, you will discover many printer peripherals of the highest calibre at your disposal. 
We at EposDirect are the leading suppliers of Epos system Accessories and especially of printers. You can find Thermal Printers, Receipt Printers, Label Printers and Barcode Printers as well.
Our Portable thermal printers are a lightweight, easy-to-carry and consume less power, making them ideal for routine tasks in retail stores and small business. Thermal printers print faster, quieter and give high print quality. The printers are also low maintenance and durable as it does not use ink which means no smudging. Therefore, the Operational cost is also low, because there is no need for ribbons or cartridges.

There are different types of receipt printers available in the market as per the business needs. Impact receipt printers are recommended for kitchens, banking, gaming, and low turnover retail and hospitality environments. While Inkjet receipt printers are recommended for low turnover retail, banks and gaming industry. Inkjet printers are regarded as the successor to impact printers as they also use ink but they offer a superior printing quality.

If a hand held label printer is what you are after, then look no further. Label printers are generally designed for light- to medium-duty usage with a roll of stock up to 4" wide. They are an inexpensive bargain on our site. The label printers are available in a wide array of sizes and prices. There are several types of label printer, the most common being laser, and dot matrix. The most common are of two types thermal printers: direct and transfer. Printers that print labels are valuable to any type of business.
Epos direct have many years of experience in peripheral diligence. have qualified dedicated team to solve the problem related to any Thermal Printer range of product If you are unsure which Thermal Printer products you require, please call 08000 336 888 or e-mail us. If you wish to get our product details and promotion regularly then please enter your details into Subscribe to Offers.