3 Solutions to Protect Your Business from Retail Loss Prevention 13Apr

3 Solutions to Protect Your Business from Retail Loss Prevention

1. Purpose of-Sale (POS) System

Begin with the support from your POS software, particularly with regards to employee accountability.

Blind Drops – When closing off a cash drawer at the end of a shift, it is essential to require staff to guarantee the amount of money that is in the drawer before having the ability to run a report of the in drawer total cash. This is known as a "Blind Drop". This is the primary line of barrier for workers that could begin to pocket cash when the cabinet is finished.

Enforcing Cash Drawer Closure – There are numerous techniques for money robbery by cashiers that are amended by simply enforcing that the cash drawer is shut before the following transaction is started.

Manager Permissions for No-Sale Functions – No-Sale are a function on the point of sale or cash register that will open the cash register without really performing a transaction. A manager’s permission should always be required for this function as whenever you allow employees to get into the cash without really completing a transaction you are requesting for trouble.

Inventory Tracking – This keeps staff responsible for stock inside the store. Moreover, poor stock control leads to lost items and unchecked discrepancies.

Good Reporting and Analytics – If you have many cashiers able to compare cash comparison for metrics of theft which is important. You should need to track the amount of pound value of discounts, the number of times a transaction has been void or cancelled, or you may simply compare number of pounds in cash sales as a percentage of whole entity. Your epos system should have good reporting and analytics to give you the data you have to oversee cashiers.

Audit Logs – This feature enables you to see each transaction detail so you can see who is giving more discounts, committing more errors, and so forth.

Employee Security Levels – Give appropriate access only to areas that are required for employees to perform their job properly.

2. Surveillance Cameras

Monitor your store`s movement 24/7 by installing surveillance cameras that coordinate into your POS. One of the popular features for a surveillance camera system is POS data capture. Once installed, whatever is rung up in the register has the register has the receipt information displayed directly over best of your camera`s video that is watching the register.

Another thing surveillance cameras help with is traffic stream. You can monitor how individuals travel through your store and make it to the registration line or the front door with stolen stock. You can make appropriate changes to expand deals as opposed to losing deals through shrinkage.

3. Signs/Mirrors

Prevent shoplifters with against robbery signs and mirrors. It`s an incredible retail loss prevention alternative if you can`t manage the cost of afford surveillance cameras. Likewise, let individuals know that shoplifting won`t go on without serious consequences, and prosecution will take place.