4 Tips To Count Your Physical Inventory With EPOS System 13Apr

4 Tips To Count Your Physical Inventory With EPOS System

1. Let Counting Technology Help You

Does your POS system offer inventory counting features or integrated equipment? Synchronous stock takes that allows the usage of many devices to count stock quickly. Scanning of barcodes to count? Use your hand-held or stationary input device to output, catch and read data contained in a barcode.
2. Alert Customers If You Need to Close

It`s not perfect, but rather it occurs. If you plan to close a physical inventory count, alert your regular customers. Send a text or email by means of your POS system telling them when you intend to close and for how long. Perhaps send a coupon to compensate for the inconvenience. It also may be great to show the notice at the look at counter on your LCD screen. You can also have it printed on customer`s receipts through your POS too.

3. Get Staff in Place and Trained
Make a point to get the right people and process set up so you can remain over your stock. Who will be checking? It`s occasionally good to assign the people who have been employed longer, as they are familiar with your inventory. Make sure they are trained on your processes and can use your counting technology.

4. Pull Inventory Reports

Lastly, after you complete double check and audit your reports. Make sure your numbers are right. Pull reports and investigate your data from your POS software. What would you be able to improve in your business? Study the data and identify high-hazard zones in your store. Make sense of how to minimize shrinkage and losses in those areas. Also, compare old reports and your new one to find patterns. Are your inventory practices working? Are disparities decreasing after some time?