5 Strategies for Customer Retention 13Apr

5 Strategies for Customer Retention

1. Keeping Your VIP Customers

The most obvious ensure customer retention is to stop a client from leaving.

And if you pay attention, you`ll be able to invariably see the signals of your customers impending departure. All you`ve to do is to spot the key variables like purchase patterns, product usage and service calls – Capture the signals so place specific actions in place to prevent your customers before they leave.

If you would like to know the percentage of VIP customers haven`t purchased anything within the last 6 months, which could be a symptom of them considering your service or maybe delivery their cash to your competitors.

First, create an inventory of all of your VIP customers, and all sales created within the last six months using your CRM software. By combining those lists, you finish up with an inventory of VIP customers who haven’t purchased from you in last half a year.

You can currently follow up with these very important person customers and verify the explanations why they weren`t getting and appearance to stop them exploit your business, which, if you concentrate on the 80/20 rule, this investment is certain to pay off!

2. Target Customers With Special Offers

The more you know your customers, the more you`ll be able to tailor your approach to every individual.

CRM software allows you to view a customer’s purchase history in order that you`ll be able to confirm what quite supply are going to be most appealing to every individual and increase connection, which can keep your complete on your customers’ minds.

Let’s say you would like to follow-up on the shoppers who showed their interest in your product, however haven’t bought something from you. Determine ways in which to convert their interest into an actual purchase by giving them special discounts or some extra worth to your product.

Using your CRM software, you`ll be able to produce an inventory of all open sales activities and compare that with an inventory of all contacts that are signed to your newsletter. The result`s an inventory of contacts that have an interest in your product however to this point, haven`t initiated a sale.

3. Rewarding Your Most Profitable Customers

Information gathered in CRM software will reveal which of your accounts are accountable for the most revenue. This data allows you to budget your time accordingly and allocate resources wherever they`ll have the most return.

Let’s say you`ve got variety of incentives to provide, thus you`d prefer to reward your most profitable customers to more increase their loyalty. Distinguishing these accounts also can assist you develop methods for cross-selling.

First, create an inventory of your most profitable customers and export this list from your CRM software. Now, you`ll be able to begin to follow up and allow them to know about the rewards and incentives so as to form them feel special, in order that they still keep as your most profitable customers.

4. Personalizing Your Follow-Ups

A relationship is something that`s established between people, and CRM software helps make it easier to ascertain your customer as an individual and not just a number.

When finishing the required fields once registering a contact, use personal notes and alternative bits of data that enable you to modify your outreach. With this data in hand, you`ll be able to change your follow-up methods accordingly.

The effects of personalization can`t be unpretentious, as recent analysis within UK found that personalization exploitation purchase history, user preferences and alternative relevant data found in CRM software delivers a high impact ROI.

Let’s say you’ve met most of your customers already through management seminars. However, there are still some call manufacturers who haven’t come back to your seminars and thus you would like to contact them for individual follow up. How you would be doing that?

First, create an inventory with all of the contacts you`ve got registered within the CRM software. Next, create an inventory of all customers who have attended your seminars throughout the last twelve months. By combining those 2 lists, you`re left with a group of contacts who haven`t attended your seminars that you`ll be able to use to follow p on.

5. Scheduling Time With Your Customers

The planning options in CRM software enable you to schedule follow-up calls or emails for you or allow you to assign follow-ups to your team. By doing this, it`ll assist you to stay track of your appointments, and complete any tasks that you said you’d do when you said do it.

Let’s say you`ve got an inventory of consumers that you just promise to catch up with and update them with needed information. You check your schedule and you see that you just won’t be able to keep your promises to customers on time. You’ll be able to invariably assign a number of your colleagues to follow-up on these customers and generate follow-ups to look in their diaries.


With the assistance of CRM software, you`ll be able to gather and manage information on your customers and manage activities around customer engagement.

Use the information that CRM software provides you with, and you may still retain customers, keep them happy and grow profits – All without the added expense of acquiring new customers.

How does one use CRM software to keep existing customers?

And does one have any customer retention tips that you just will share with us?

There a lot of customers you retain, the higher your profits are going to be.