5 Things That Can Be Done With mPOS 13Apr

5 Things That Can Be Done With mPOS

Check whether you are getting the most of your smartphone or card reader. You might be aware of the mPOS capabilities listed below.

1. Run an E-Commerce Store

It is possible to run an E-Commerce store with your mPOS. It’s a good time because the industry is shifting towards omni-channel solutions. It allows you to sell seamlessly online your products and services in store, in the field and also on social media.

Everything will be centralized with your PayPal account and offer a seamless interface between online and mobile sales. There is an E-commerce API that can support you to sell online. Online sales can be done if your E-Commerce suite supports mPOS system that works on smartphones and tablets and is quite feature rich.

2. Manage Your Inventory

Latest mPOS systems are feature rich with inventory features. It also sync across in-person and online sales and even supports multi-location inventory. You can keep a track of items, photos, descriptions and also list of variants at different prices. In addition to E-Commerce features you can also get automatic inventory syncing across online and in-person sales as well without any effort.

3. Offer Special Deals and Discounts

A great way to stir up sales is by having a good mPOS that can support special offers and promotions. A less common feature in the mPOS space but still available if you know where to look.

There are some mPOS systems that support special offers for users who rely on the mobile reader. You can also mark down the whole orders by percentage or amount. You can also discount individual items and transactions.

There is no need to bust out a calculator to calculate the order. In case of inventory or sales tracking, you won’t mess up by entering a quick sale or custom amount without logging the products.

4. Run a Virtual Terminal

There may be situations when payments on a smartphone or tablet aren’t the most convenient solution. A standard mPOS can be complicated and expensive and cash and check require a bank trip, in this case virtual terminals come in. Virtual terminals allow you to take payments by just log in through your browser and plug in the card information.

Having a virtual terminal is ideal for office and some service-focused environments but not everyone needs it. It also has the backup option to accept payments. Authorize.net is a payment gateway for E-Commerce businesses.

Businesses with QuickBooks payments get not only mPOS GoPayment app but also a virtual terminal and some other interesting features. Mobile POS and a terminal are included in the omnichannel solutions and some of the mPOS providers store cards on file for recurring bills.

5. Create Employee Accounts and Set Permissionsa

It is a great way to use one mPOS login with multiple people. You can identify the source of accounting mistakes. Anyone with your login information can access sales data and other reports, as well as issue refunds.

Capabilities of mPOS vary depending on the provider. Different login credentials for sub users and employees can allowed for managing basic functions like transactions. They have limited access to sensitive features such as sales reports and the ability to issue voids or refunds.