A Few Customer Data Points You Need To Collect In Your POS CRM 13Apr

A Few Customer Data Points You Need To Collect In Your POS CRM

The present day POS CRM capabilities are making it simpler to capture, analyze and follow up on the data you collect. For doing, your point of sale custom fields becomes critical. You should set-up the custom fields you need at the customer level and after that effectively run reports to complete your efforts. The custom fields you create and populate can be accessed in different places in your POS system from a sales receipt to the customer dashboard — an incredible resource for both the sales and marketing teams! There are endless bits of data you can get from your customers to gain by their purchasing behaviors. The following are five advantageous data points to collect during checkout.

Email: I cannot pressure this one enough. Your customers are in a hurry and messages can be opened when and where the recipient chooses. In addition to the fact that this form of communication build credibility with your customer, with the inclusion of images and exciting offers, your customer is ready to forward the message to their friends and family and those referrals can transform into cash! Got a more youthful demographic? Get their Instagram name and send them cool picture of what`s going on in store.

Birthday: This is a day that is completely about them! It is a special day and your customer derives an offer unique in relation to those that have been offered consistently. Build a relation with your customer and they will not hesitate to give this information which you would then be able to use to deliver a customized and significant message or gift. In fact, use your POS system to incorporate with a loyalty or rewards program.

Favorite Brand/Vendor/Color: This can be amazingly powerful information for a few reasons. By sending a discount to a customer for purchasing their most loved brand, you can create the feeling that you understand respect their preferences. Also, you can draw in the customer by welcoming them to a trunk show or event hosting the brand where they can be the first to see new stock. All customers need to feel like a VIP!

Apparel and shoe size:Inventory control is basic. In any case, toward the end of the season, retailers can be left with stragglers or products that did not sell but rather unreasonably few for a RTV. Additionally men size seven? Make a report to reflect every one of your men`s size seven customers!

Additional addresses: Do you have more old customers that are winding down their professions or resigned? There`s an opportunity of a lifetime they have another home to fly off to during different times of the year. With a custom field for an extra location, you have that information readily available! Your customers care about your brand and service and need to be kept on top of it wherever they go. Shockingly better, you may have a location for them to shop at near their residence. Send them a card to keep them educated and locked in. You will be glad you did!

These are only a few instances of custom fields you will discover helpful to include your account, be that as it may, the alternatives are perpetual. As you keep on using the product, no one but you can decide what data is important to capture dependent on the necessities of your customers and business. Together with a integrating marketing or dependability program.