Advantages of Mobile POS Devices for Restaurants 13Apr

Advantages of Mobile POS Devices for Restaurants

It can be achieved these goals by enhancing the customer dining experience, which should be possible by streamlining the ordering and payment process.

mPOS solutions enable restaurants to accept credit cards, e-wallets and mobile cash payments through mobile phone, for example, a tablet or smartphone, rather than at a legacy cash register. With integrated software, mPOS devices serve as payment card readers, or mobile wallet payment screens, conveying advantages to restaurants and customers alike.

mPOS devices enable restaurants to streamline process and improve customer loyalty

72% of visitors trust restaurants that incorporate technology providing convenience according to the National Restaurant Association. Because of the nature of the service provided at restaurant and the traditional way these restaurants run, restaurant remain to pick up from the different advantages of mPOS technologies incorporated in their process, too.

Restaurant and restaurant goers can appreciate a huge scope of advantages that incorporate the following:

1. Increased Convenience

Mobile POS systems enable digitizing and streamlining the customers dining experience. Servers in your restaurant can take the orders of customers on their mPOS system, which can help avoid confusion. A basic tap on the screen help servers take orders, getting rid of the pad and pen approach.

With mPOS systems, the servers don`t need to keep running forward and backward between the table and kitchen to put orders. They can essentially send the request off to the kitchen, where it is printed for the cooks. In restaurant with various or across the board serving zones, this is particularly useful as it encourages a more proficient serving process (and a less stressed on server, also).

2. Quicker Payments

Without mPOS systems, the installment process at an restaurant is wasteful and tedious, as wait staff need to:

  • • Present the check to the customer
  • • Take payment with a stationary POS system
  • • Wait in line for other servers to finish other customers` payments
  • • Return to the diners with the payment strategy and confirmation

With mPOS systems, payment is done in at the table in a single step, and they provide prompt payment on screen, which fundamentally cuts down the time required to finish the transaction.

3. Increased Security

mPOS systems don`t save card, mobile wallet, or any data on their systems, and they keep up security models of the PCI DSS. They also have SSL encryption of payment details, offering customers an abnormal level of protection and limiting security breaches. With customers paying at the table, their payment methods are in their ownership the whole time, eliminating the odds of data fraud.

4. Increased consumer satisfaction, which translates into more repeat customers

68% of restaurant goers trust that server handheld tablets enhance their feasting background, as indicated by Toast`s 2016 Restaurant Technology Industry Report. An mPOS-controlled process streamlines benefit, brings down the odds of oversights, diminishes holding up times from request until the point when sustenance receipt, and offers an abnormal state of payment security. These advantages increment the fulfillment of visitors, which converts into more recurrent customers, an obvious advantage to any business.

5. Increased Profits

Restaurant with mPOS solutions benefit from higher sales because of the increased efficiency of operations. With service time decreased on account of fewer trips by servers forward and backward to the kitchen and to a stationary POS, restaurant can turn tables quicker without decreasing the time the visitors make the most of their suppers. Enhanced efficiencies enable restaurant to utilize less servers, eliminating over the top HR costs and eincreasing productivity.

6. Easy to accept payment such as EMV chip cards and mobile wallets

EMV cards with chip technology are replacing traditional magnetic strips and offer security to customers. Regardless of evident advantages, just 30% of retailers have introduced EMV technology readers because of the high expenses of programming, equipment and reconciliation. This is in spite of the way that, 80% of the issued charge cards are EMV chip controlled. NFC fueled portable wallet installment utilization is likewise still in its earliest stages, with just 19% of cell phone holders utilizing them all the time in 2016, as indicated by eMarketer. Market acknowledgment is anticipated to achieve 31% by 2019.

mPOS systems enable restaurant to accept these payment strategies, which are progressively gaining popularity, at a generally minimal effort contrasted with stationary NFC and EMV supports.

Improve your chances of success

Some key reasons restaurant fails due to poor customer service and insufficient management capacities. mPOS technologies offer a minimal effort technique for enhancing efficiencies and expanding table turn time while at the same time guaranteeing an abnormal state of customer service and security. Is it along these lines not surprising that 72% of restaurants are searching out mPOS systems and that the aggregate number of mPOS terminals is poised to quadruple itself between in the range of 2015 and 2019? Try not to be abandoned – investigate integrating mPOS technology at your restaurant, today.