Benefits Of An EPoS System For A Restaurant Or Bar 02Nov
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Benefits Of An EPoS System For A Restaurant Or Bar

The challenges in running a successful bar or restaurant are different from retail environments. But an effective electronic point of sale system can help drive your business to the next level with minimum investment and quick payback. 5 Great Benefits of an EPOS System for hospitality are listed below:

1) Speed and accuracy

Your EPOS system can seamlessly connect to your kitchen for printing and food automation. It will ensure each order that ends up in the kitchen is 100% accurate. So if the guest has specified that the dressing is served on the side or to hold the onions, it will be delivered. It's difficult to overestimate how significant this can be in delivering consumer satisfaction.

In a food-to-go environment, customer-facing screens act as a 'virtual receipt', as the customer sees what's been charged for and what buttons the waiter has pressed. It confirms the order before the final bill arrives - something that increases guest satisfaction levels.

It's worth expressing that a contemporary epos system can be configured to match specific requirements. The days of off-the-shelf systems with the least flexibility are gone! The latest epos systems work with equivalent viability for the cashier, the waiter and the management.

2) Integration

An epos system is not effective in being everything to all men, so, significantly, it can be integrated into other systems within the business. It can integrate anything from kitchen automation to your online reservation system or a click-and-collect system for your takeaway offering.

It should also have the option to connect seamlessly with a card reader at the table, for instance, or with a loyalty app or gift voucher platform.

3) Staff management

If your source is the ideal epos system, it will have a loss prevention suite, ensuring that all components of your staff's interaction with cash are above board. But, never believe that it is all about checking up on the status of your staff members. It can reward your staff for hitting their upselling targets.

By allowing your staff to take an order right at a table or at a cash point, you can dramatically increase the speed of service, which is significant at any time of the day, especially when customers are on a deadline, for example, lunch. Another benefit of managing your staff is that it can facilitate simple rota management and scheduling, which can tap into the payroll system of your HR department.

4) Reporting with an EPoS System for a Restaurant or Bar

The advantage of advanced systems is that reports are available to local or regional management in real-time, which significantly improves the quality of decision-making and future planning such as stock management, staff performance, branch comparison and margin control.

It is useful in helping you analyse your customer trends. For instance, you can find whom to be reached through SMS or email or what kind of promotional offers they respond to.

5) Reliability of hardware

There is a proliferation of tablet-style devices available which have a restricted ability to interact with your epos system. For a better is the durable touchscreen devices which are explicitly built for purpose and accompany IP ratings for water, dust, etc., perfect for a bar or restaurant environment liquid spillages are common.

There is a capital outlay for this dedicated hardware, but when their durability and longevity are considered, the lifetime cost of possession is significantly lower than their rival devices.

By opting for bespoke hardware, you future-proof yourself against obsolescence, as your devices can adapt to emerging technologies.


If you are in the pub or restaurant business, there will never be a better opportunity to invest in epos companies in the UK that can transform your bottom line completely.