Benefits of Mobile POS Devices For Restaurants 13Apr

Benefits of Mobile POS Devices For Restaurants

Mobile point of sale solutions enables restaurants to accept credit cards, e-wallets and mobile money payments via a mobile device, such as a tablet or smartphone, instead of at a legacy cash register. MPOS devices bringing benefits to restaurants and customers with their integrated software and serving as payment card reader and helping restaurants streamline processes and improve customer satisfaction.

According to the National Restaurant Association, 72% of guests believe restaurants incorporating technology provide increased convenience. The nature of service provided and the traditional way these restaurants businesses run, stand to gain from the various benefits of mobile POS technologies incorporated in their processes, as well.

Restaurants can enjoy a lot of benefits that include the following:

1. Increased convenience

Digitizing and streamlining the dining experience can be achieved with mobile point of sale systems. Servers can take accurate orders and avoiding pad-and-pen approach, which is time consuming and chance of doing mistakes.

Mobile POS help servers have no need to run back and forth in between tables and kitchen to place orders. They can send the orders to kitchen where it is printed for the cooks to prepare the food. Restaurants having wide spread serving areas, this can be beneficial as it facilitates a more efficient serving process.

2. Quicker payments

Payment process at a restaurant can be time consuming without mPOS device:

  • Check customer
  • Take the payment method to a stationary EPOS system
  • Servers have to wait until another servers complete their payments
  • Return to the diners with the payment method and confirmation

Mobile POS devices helps server to take payments at the table in a single step and a prompt payment confirmation can be shown on screen, which significantly cuts down time.

3. Increased Security

Information such as credit card, mobile wallet, or mobile payment data is not stored on the mPOS devices and they maintain security standards of the PCI DSS. They also have the SSL encryption of payment details, offering customers a high level of protection and minimizing security breaches. Customers paying at their table with mPOS device reduce the chances of theft.

4. Increased customer satisfaction, which translates into more repeat customers

68% diners believe that server handheld tablets improve their dining experience. Mobile POS devices streamline service, cut down mistakes, decreases waiting times, offering high level payment security. Guest’s satisfaction can be increased and more repeat customers bringing more business.

5. Increased Profits

Restaurants benefit from higher sales and increased efficiency of operations. Restaurants can have faster turn tables without decreasing the time the guests enjoy their meals. With improved efficiencies restaurants employ fewer waiters, cutting down on excessive costs and increasing profitability.

6. Easy to accept popular payment methods such as EMV chip cards and mobile wallets

Traditional magnetic strips replaced with EMV cards equipped with chip technology and offering increased security to credit card holders. Despite obvious benefits, only fewer businesses have EMV technology readers due to the high costs of software, hardware and integration.