BRC slams Government’s Brexit retail report 13Apr

BRC slams Government’s Brexit retail report

The Retail Sector Report submitted to the House of Commons Committee on Exiting the European Union, has been criticised by the BRC for not detailing the impact changes to our trade agreement with the EU will have in the future.

According to BRC policy adviser William Bain the report does not “provide any data or analysis at all on the future if the basis of the UK’s trading and commercial relationship with the EU changes”.

“The BRC has shown throughout 2017 the major implications there would be for consumers on prices, choice and availability of goods of a Brexit without tariff-free trade with the EU,” he added.

On prices, losing reciprocal tariff-free trade with the EU, may affect in raise in prices for food and other imported consumer goods.

On customs, consumers face delays on the supply of goods and without a deal to minimise non-tariff barriers. The retail industry would affect seriously on people without access to labour from the EU, with a range of skills, to get goods on the shelves and out to customers.

“We want to engage further with Government, Parliament, and other decision-makers in these next vital months, to demonstrate what is missing in this document – that consumers would face the biggest hit on prices, choice, and availability from a no deal or weak deal Brexit”.

“Securing a Fair Brexit for Consumers should be the highest priority for Government and policymakers in 2018.”