Can I Use Another Provider EPOS Software With My Existing EPOS System? 13Apr

Can I Use Another Provider EPOS Software With My Existing EPOS System?

However, some EPOS software is partnered with specific hardware providers, so it`s essential to do your research.

Switching Epos Software Providers With EPOS Hardware

If you choose to switch over or integrate new ways of selling, you may find your EPOS system no longer serves the needs of your business. Let`s say there is a convenience store selling coffee, newspapers and snacks. In such a case, you should buy an EPOS system that is cost effective and offers basic stock management; here, you may choose an EPOS to run transactions and gain rudimentary insight into your small business.

However, you may find that customer demand for takeaway coffees far higher than you predicted because you are located close to a train station. You soon learn (by interacting with your customers and analysing their buying habits) that people tend to order coffees while they are waiting for connecting trains. You choose to offer table service, so commuters have some place to sit and make the most of their refreshments, which gives your sales a boost.

Business is booming, and it would seem that your convenience store is transforming into a café, where you start serving sandwiches just as coffees. Presently, you find that your small town EPOS system no longer offers the speed of service or ingredients tracking you need. Additionally, you`ve outperformed revenue cap. This is great news for your business, but how might it affect your EPOS system?

In this scenario, you could seamlessly change to another EPOS solution just by downloading the epos software. Also, if you choose the app isn’t right fit for your business, or you choose to change over to a retail store, you can simply download another app and keep using a similar hardware.


Most iPad EPOS systems are platform independent. But as long as you have the hardware, such as touch screens, receipt printers, card machines and cash drawers, you can download any EPOS software and keep using the same equipment, regardless of where your restaurant, cafe or bar takes you.

However, with old legacy POS systems, you are attached to that specific combination of propriety hardware and software. This means in case if you need to switch provider, you have to upgrade or replace your physical devices to run your EPOS. Most of the POS system providers can be able to be used with existing EPOS hardware.

If that it`s a toss-up between iPad EPOS systems and legacy systems, it`s not difficult to see which option is the most flexible for present day businesses. Fortunately there is a wealth of iPad EPOS systems available to you, whether you`re a small startup or an established business.

The trick is to find the right retail POS system for your needs, whether you require stock management, ingredients tracking or E-Commerce – the current landscape of EPOS systems has everything.