Checklist For Key Dates For Summer Marketing In June 12Jun

Checklist For Key Dates For Summer Marketing In June

Summer has arrived, bringing with it the fun vibes and vitamin D boost we all crave. Just like you, your business deserves a summer boost to help this season shine. Don't let a sluggish summer cool your spirits as the bustling crowds pass by your doorstep. 

So how can you be sure that this summer will be good for your business? Through marketing of course! 

June is a month full of exciting events and memorable days. These opportunities are like a ray of sunshine, ready to light your way to success. All you have to do is get them, and we're here to help you do that.

What happening in June?

From festivals to Father's Day, from the summer solstice to summer barbecues, June has something for everyone. Every business in every industry can find something workable to drive those sales and make enough profit for the vacation we know you're all thinking about. 

Pride month

We'd be surprised if you missed it, but every June the rainbow comes out in full force. Epic and fierce parades will take place in every town, big and small, and exotic-themed events will be held daily.

Whether you like rainbows and taking to the streets or not, linking your business to the community is a great way to support a great cause while also acquiring new, and loyal customers. Hosting a workshop, flagging, or running a special product in June (with a percentage going to charities) can be a popular and economical way to show support. In fact, by supporting Pride Month, they can:

  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Increase your brand reputation
  • Attract a loyal and diverse clientele
  • Foster a positive work environment

Novelties or necessities: when should your business support?

The retail and hospitality sectors will spot events like Father's Day, which will inspire millions of people to buy gifts and host dinner parties. Every business will call to capitalize on many children who want to show their appreciation.

Marketing for Father's Day will be competitive. However, you should reach out to your mailing list to let your customers know about any special offers or products you have prepared for them.

Father's Day in the UK also coincides with International Picnic Day. While it can be a bit awkward, there's no better time to pull out your wicker basket and create a beautiful, rewarding display for anyone planning to head out to the park.

Social Responsibility Day for all businesses:

Dates like Men's Health Week or Armed Forces Day may be a little darker, but many clients will appreciate your attention to the issues that mean a lot to them. You can look at special offers, events, or products specifically for veterans. Additionally, donating a portion of your profits to a relevant charity can encourage further purchases.  

Other important dates, if your business is in line with improving the environment, are World Oceans Day and World Environment Day.

Ideal dates for pubs and bars:

On the other hand, Gin Day and British Beer Day coming up in June will be fun occasions to enjoy wine across the country and beyond.  

Ideal dates for restaurant and hotel businesses:

Donut Day arrives early in June, so stocking up on cupcakes is well worth it! International Falafel Day and Healthy Eating Week can also inspire your menu. 

How to market your business for June events

Okay, so maybe you've seen some special dates that seem right for your business. Now comes the hardest part of setting up your marketing strategy. 

Post on social channels

In 2023, there are many cost-effective ways to enhance your business profile, and certainly, social media is at the heart of it. Social media creates a direct, two-way, and free method of communication between businesses and customers. So if you have no idea, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and co. could be the way to go. 

Although sceptics may find it superficial or limited in scope, social media is extremely convenient and well-suited to crafting special messages on the days or weeks that we discuss here. 

Here are four ways to use social media to market your business these days:

1) Drop special promo codes for discounts in your social media stories. 

2) Share stories about your business or partnership and why that special day means so much to you and your business. 

3) Take behind-the-scenes videos of how your business is preparing for its marketing efforts.

4) Engage your customers by offering contests.

Partner with other Businesses

For each dedicated day, dozens of businesses participate. Partnerships can give SMEs a broader platform and better visibility, which inevitably leads to increased sales and new customers. 

The tricky part of a partnership can be finding and contacting the right people to make those connections and close the deal. But it's important to remember that the people you're talking to have the same problem, so they'll usually be happy to get a response from you. 

Hospitality businesses have spaces that we all know are expensive. Small organizations usually don't. So, if possible, providing space for events can introduce new people to your business. 

Men's Health Week is a prime example of this kind of timing in action. Mental health organizations and smaller local agencies do not always have access to the space they need, and collaborating as a team can be mutually beneficial. 

Additionally, sponsoring pride marches, charities, and local groups can provide massive exposure that could change your month. Take the time to do your research first to make sure that the organization you are talking to as a platform is worth the investment. 

It's also important to note that some organizations may have a large background that overlaps significantly with yours. Unless you're looking to build customer loyalty, you may need to look elsewhere to reach new customers.  

June: Plenty of Opportunities

With so many special days to choose from and the bonus of Pride Month, June has something for everyone, whether it's a pack of doughnuts or a new perspective on the Week. Men's health or a spring in your step as you advance to National Gin Day. 

I hope that in addition to vitamin D, you will enter the month with some ideas for your marketing. But if you're still unsure, why not check out our other marketing resources to help businesses like yours grow in the second half of the year?