Choose the Right Mobile POS for Your Business 13Apr

Choose the Right Mobile POS for Your Business

How does mPOS Work?

You can start taking payments by connecting your reader to a mobile device and choosing the right mPOS software for your business.

Choosing the right mobile POS system for your business

Make sure that your business is secure by choosing the right mPOS that is secure, affordable and easy to use. There are many mPOS providers in the market but the provider with the best device ad support is the key for your business.


A secure mPOS is a PCI compliant that can accept various types of payments such as chip cards, NFC payments and Apple Pay. It offer you with the chargeback protection to fight payment disputes on your behalf.


A mobile POS system should be simple to use with an intuitive interface. You can quickly and easily train your employees.


Mobile POS should be affordable and make sure what you are paying for. Apart from hardware costs and processing fees for each card transaction you should be aware of the additional costs.

EPOS Direct with the concept of providing small businesses with the ability to accept card payments and make their transactions simple has invented the revolutionary mPOS with the POS software and compatible hardware that work together seamlessly.