Comprehensive Stock Management Across Single and Multi-Site Setups 13Apr

Comprehensive Stock Management Across Single and Multi-Site Setups

Intelligent Stock Ordering

Stock re-ordering not only suggests when you need to order stock from a single supplier but also from every single supplier you purchase from at the same time.

Purchase orders are generated automatically which can be adjusted at the time of submission. It is adjusted based on the sales trends, minimum stock and previous sales analysis.

Purchase Order Processing

A purchase order is available to deliver as soon as it has been placed. Received goods can be scanned with the stock manager and the system will automatically check that the item scanned and quantity entered matches the original order.

Simple Stock Taking

Create stock takes for line checking, period or year ends. Mobile scanning technology can be utilized to count items which are included within the stock take to automatically generate variance and counted product reporting.

Stock takes can be generated based on a range of products, based on specific groups or even BIN locations or even generated randomly based on number or even on percentage of products.

Truly Mobile Solution

You can perform across multiple devices and multiple sites at the same time of stock takes, stock counts, process purchase orders and handle sales order processing. With the help of one singular integrated stock control system you can even print barcodes and stock labels.

If you want to run a stock take in a remote location, all devices work instantly offline and will re-sync once back in range.

Stock Reporting

You can get real time synchronization across multiple devices and locations between your accounts package and gives you up to date.

Reporting and stock dashboards in advance always make ensure you have enough stock to fulfil demand whilst taking complete control of each stock movement from the control centre.