Defining POS Basics Terms 13Apr

Defining POS Basics Terms

Today we keep things basic by defining important terms like POS, POS system, mobile POS, and POS transaction.


A POS or point of sale is a place where a business transaction is made, which can actually be in any place, yet doubtlessly a restaurant, retail store, hotel and so on.

POS System

A POS System is just the central hub of any business, a combination of hardware and epos software. It is also a place where a client can pay for the goods or services, it can also do a lot more such as inventory management, data report and analytics, customer relations management are just s to give some sample benefits.

A standard POS system includes a PC, epos software, printer, barcode scanner and a Swipe card reader. Cloud-based POS systems that run on mobile devices that doesn`t require any physical server on location since all software is accesses and saved online in the cloud server.

Mobile POS System

A mobile EPOS system can run in anyplace. With a touch you can make a business transaction, and have access to your data, inventory and many more.

If you are having your own restaurant then you can take advantage of these restaurant POS applications: tableside ordering, drive-through line busting; store-to-store exchanges; and many more!

Apply your retail POS applications similarly: line busting; order creation on the floor; and purchase order creation.

POS Transaction

A POS transaction can be also known as the EPOS purchase, which is the point of sale or "point" where a customer make payments in return for goods and services. It may be in any type of payment like cash, debit, credit and mobile payment. The transaction is completed when pin number, signature or a finger print is verified and approved.