Easy Restaurant Marketing Ideas in 7 Simple Steps 13Apr

Easy Restaurant Marketing Ideas in 7 Simple Steps

1. Consider Changing Up Your Menu

A similar old can get everyday. Why not switch up your restaurant`s menu with the seasons as well as the occasions? It`s anything but difficult to make value modifications as well as menu additions in a POS system like EPOS Direct.

2. Reward Loyal Customers

Do you by any chance know who your loyal customers are? A quality POS system ought to have the capacity to monitor customer data like spending habits, how frequently they visit your establishment, what they order, and more! With a click of button you can search for examples and trends in your data. Create your promotions based off what your customers like. Reward the individuals who are really loyal.

3. Promote Certain Menu Items

EPOS Direct has boundless features to help with your restaurant marketing. Maybe, you need to run a party time extraordinary½ off hors d`oeuvres. You can pick the day, time, cost, and so on without having to manually set clocks to change the system.

4. Send Emails and Texts

If you have reliable software you are as of now gathering data like messages and telephone numbers. Keep in mind to use your POS to send something other than promotions to your lists. Send important messages to keep your customers locked in. One idea may be to incorporate formulas. Send messages sparingly, and ensure it merits their opportunity to read your texts. Each touch point reminds customers about your restaurant, and in the end they`ll recollect you when they are hungry.

5. Connect on Social Media

Have a ton of fun on your social media channels. Sometimes people watch for some time before they really connect with or make it into your restaurant. Offer fun staff and customer pictures, promotions, freebies, food images, recipes, and that`s only the tip of the iceberg!

6. Hold Employee Contests

Sometimes the best restaurant promoting thoughts are the ones that incorporate your staff. Holding a challenge that rewards them for their endeavors causes you and them. Consider giving without end a prize or motivating force to the winner(s) who have the most astounding normal ticket sale amid a timeframe. Your POS software can monitor your numbers and the accomplishment of your workers.

7. Hold Events

Host events like wine sampling, karaoke, unrecorded music, parody night, and so forth. The thoughts are unending and ought to pick an event that mirrors your environment. You most likely won`t do karaoke at a 5-star restaurant, yet a bar and grille is the ideal place! Make sure to have specials on the menu. You may very well set yourself up to have a reliable fan-base.

What restaurant promoting thoughts have you effectively executed? Try not to be hesitant to attempt new ones and work out your promoting methodology. You`ll be happy you did when you run those business numbers toward the month`s end. Bear in mind to consider EPOS Direct for a POS demo.