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Eat Out to Help Out App

Any Hospitality business offering food for immediate consumption can sign up the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme, which includes restaurants, bars, canteens and food halls with a seating area.

If you still haven’t registered for the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme, register now on the government website.

So, what is the Eat out to Help Out Module?

The Module is designed specifically for our epos Software to be able to manage the entire promotion for the set period, so the management do not need to do any calculations.

The module will also produce a report that is compliant and enable the business to reclaim back the money discounted. So, if HMRC ask for a report, you can comfortably produce a fully compliant report.

How Eat Out to Help Out Scheme Work?

When people dining in a restaurant participating in Eat Out to Help Out scheme, guests are entitled to:

  • - 50% off on food and non-alcoholic drinks
  • - Up to £10 per person
  • - This offer is applicable on every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in August

What does the Eat out to Help Out Module look like?

First, the admin will have a function titled “discount on total amount spent”. We have made it simple that even after the Government scheme, you can use this unique promotion module for your own next promotional event.

The Till Screen will naturally produce the calculations automatically based on the promotional criteria.

What do the customer receipts look like?

Sample of the receipts to the customers for Min and Maximum Discount

What does the fully compliant discount reclaim back report look like?

Compliant Discount Reclaim Report from Government Scheme for August 20.

How do I get this module activated?

The next step to ensuring you are compliant and also start making money is to get the module ordered.

We will be inundated with requests so we are serving on first come basis.

Conditions for Discount:

  • - VAT is paid on the total value before discount
  • - Discount can`t be applied to service charges
  • - Discount isn`t applicable for alcoholic drinks

Restaurants should keep an accurate record of discounts given to diners so they can claim the cost of the discount back from the government. Hospitality businesses can claim upto 5 times before 30th September and the money will be credited in to your bank account in 5 working days.

What you need to Record:

  • - Total value of all eat in food and non-alcoholic drinks sold where the scheme discounts were given
  • - Total value of scheme discounts you`ve given and claimed for

For more info you need to claim on the government website

The Eat Out to Help Out

At Epos Direct, we help you to run your restaurant more efficiently, which is the reason we have developed a free Eat Out to Help Out App that integrates with your EPOS System.

When installed, the Eat Out to Help Out App will put a button on your front till that will calculate the discount amount and allow you to download a report that will help you with claim from HMRC.

How it works?

The Eat Out to Help Out App can be installed easily.

  • - Add customer orders to the till as normal
  • - Process any promotions or discounts
  • - Toggle off automatic service charge
  • - Press the "Eat Out to Help Out" button
  • - Set the quantity of covers for the bill
  • - Select the products in your transaction that are not qualified for the discount
  • - You will be given a list of of the transaction and if you are satisfied you can press apply and the app will automatically apply the discount. Ensure you double check this as it can`t be fixed or refunded
  • - Reapply service charge/gratuity
  • - Pay the remainder of the balance using your customer`s chosen payment method
  • - On the receipt, an "Eat Out to Help Out" Tender will be displayed

How Reporting Works

  • - Open the Eat Out to Help Out App through the Apps page
  • - From there you`ll be taken to the Eat Out to Help Out report that you can use to see and export all of your Eat Out to Help Out data.