Enhance Your Bakery's Productivity with an Efficient POS System 02Dec
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Enhance Your Bakery's Productivity with an Efficient POS System

When bakery owners are receiving orders from both their regular customers and orders for large volume baking for commercial use, things can get a little complicated. Both customers must be satisfied, and mixing up orders means creating a disaster for customers, which could result in the bakery losing a customer as well as losing money. But why be concerned when a cutting-edge POS system is just a few mouse clicks away? A solid POS system may make a significant impact on your bakery's revenues and sales. How?


For a bakery, the correct technology is essential.


If your bakery is equipped with the correct technology, it will operate perfectly. Not to mention that you'll be able to up sell. A Bakery Management System will help you optimize all of your processes while automating the majority of them.


POS System for Bakeries


A bakery without a point-of-sale system is similar to a chocolate pie without the chocolate. Automatic KOTs are produced and sent immediately to the kitchen when orders are entered into the Bakery POS system. All orders, both online and offline can be managed directly through the Point of Sale system. A Bakery POS system's functionality is no longer restricted to order punch and KOT printing; today's modern POS systems can do much more. In the following parts, we'll go through the topic in further depth.


Integrations and Order Management

For deliveries, most bakeries have partnered with third-party food aggregators. Other kinds of orders include websites, phone calls, and orders are done in-house. Due to the numerous ways in which orders are placed, there is a potential that they will be jumbled up. A bakery dashboard is an individual dashboard that presents the status of each incoming order, making management and fulfillment of those orders easier.


Online Food Ordering System

Having your own online booking platform for your bakery will help you raise the quantity of orders. You won't have to pay fees to internet food aggregators because clients will make orders directly through your online ordering site. You'll also get your own social media account, which will allow you to freely express yourself. Updates can be done on the run, and they will appear immediately on your bakery's website.


Management of Customer Relationships

When a consumer puts an order at your bakery, the Bakery POS system saves their general information. The collected data is then used to carry out various Customer relationship management initiatives. Some of your regular customers come to your bakery for their favorite treats. Sending them personalized emails and SMS will almost certainly bring them to your door.


Loyalty Management

It is your responsibility to provide excellent service to clients that visit your bakery. Also, it's nice. Aside from that, enlisting their participation in your Loyalty Schemes is a perfect way to target them with customized deals and promotions.


Bakery Accounts and Finances

What is the last time you had a very excellent day at your bakery? Alternatively, do you know which of your desserts defrosts the fastest in those showcase fridges? An essential bakery accounting software is needed to review your bakery's sales and other financial statistics. A tool that will help you in maintaining a record of each sale as well as managing stock acquisitions. Inventory management becomes less of a chore as well.


Staff Management

You can manage each staff's hours, payroll data, and other activities with a staff management application. There are fewer risks of misunderstanding amongst employees because everything is documented in the database.


Bakery Data Analytics Reports

You'll be able to locate where you went wrong by analyzing facts and information, and you'll be able to avoid making the same mistakes again. Data and reports are accessible at any time and on any device.


Features of a Bakery POS System


The bakery point of sale system is designed to handle the majority of tasks. Let's have a look at the various features that should be included in every Bakery POS system.


Optimized Bakery POS for Dispersing those Long Waits

When it comes to sweets, people will go to great measures, both literally and metaphorically. Huge lines and excessive queue can be eliminated using bakery POS systems. The POS system shows all of the orders. You can easily move back and forth from current and past orders. Both front-of-house and back-of-house processes will function smoothly, resulting in more orders being fulfilled in less time.


Customers will not have to wait in huge queues to place or receive orders during special events and celebrations. Bakeries are busy in the mornings and after dinner on typical days. That's where a bakery's mobile Pos software comes in handy. Instead of rushing back and forth between the checkout counter and customers, you can go to them and take the orders on the portable POS systems. This also helps you to better interact with consumers by asking for their feedback, if any is available. Most bakeries aren't set up like a restaurant. Because individuals usually take their own desserts, they only have a few tables to serve a small number of people.


Notice Inventory and Stock Management with Frequent Notices

Nothing is upsetting than finding that your favorite dessert jar is unavailable due to a shortage of a key ingredient at the bakery. It's even worse when multiple customers come to your bakery in search of the same delicacy. Completing the dish is difficult due to the restricted number of substitutions available, even if one item is absent.


Keeping note of every material will help you avoid such situations. If you're running short on any ingredient, a Bakery POS will alert you ahead of time. All essential materials can be obtained in the correct quantity, ensuring that there is nearly no waste. Due to the perishability of baked goods and sweets, cooks will be able to produce only the appropriate number of brownies and muffins by tracking each item through the inventory.


A thorough understanding of the inventory can also aid you in determining the food cost of specific bakery items. You'll be able to keep a record of all purchases and expenses in your bakery kitchen this way.


Menu Changes in a Flash

Bakeries don't always have a steady supply of bakery items on their menu. It varies according to the upcoming holiday. Christmas is a month-long celebration that necessitates unique, delicious pastries. They are not applicable during other time of the year.


The above is only one example of the countless adjustments that a bakery's menu undergoes. You might need to include seasonal fruit delicacies. A Bakery POS system must be able to help you make any adjustments that need to be reflected quickly. Your Bakery Point of Sale system allows you to add, modify, and change your menu at any time. Because all information is kept and is accessible from anywhere, you can adjust even if you aren't fully present at the bakery.


Personalization, Alterations, and Customer Orders


Food allergies affect some people. Some people simply don't care for them in their cupcakes. People have a wide range of tastes when it comes to cakes and sweets. Customers may request an additional layer of vanilla frosting on their cupcakes. Others may prefer a basic cake with no cream filling. A Bakery POS should follow these precise customizations. It should be able to record every detail, including the delivery date and time specified by the clients. Your chefs wouldn't have to depend on handwritten notes on little pieces of paper left behind by the waitress when taking down the order.


Payment Options and Prompts Notification of Pre-Orders


Many consumers place orders with bakeries a few days ahead of time, especially for specialty cakes and baked goods. When accepting their orders, your Bakery POS system should provide them with the choice to pay in advance or part and then add them when they pay the total amount. Not only that, but the Bakery Point of Sale system should also alert you to regular clients so you may apply appropriate discounts and offers to their future orders.


The Bakery POS system should also be able to provide you with an order plan so that the chefs have enough time to prepare exactly what the customers want. Customers would like a variety of payment options. Given the numerous cashless transaction options accessible today, payment methods should not be confined to only cash or card.


The Benefits of a Bakery Point of Sale

Technology has had an impact on all businesses, large and small. Each discovery has simply aided in the fluidity of operations. Bakery POS systems have done the same thing.


Disorderly Features Replaced by Fast Service

The traditional POS system was extensive and stationary. Staff would have to rush back and forth to the central server to punch in orders and print KOTs and bills. With the introduction of Bakery POS, servers will be able to cut through long lines and receive orders. This reduces the period it needs to finish an order. When there are large orders or pre-orders, the kitchen staff is contacted right once, and they begin preparing the food. If the order is small, the front-of-house employees can rapidly pack and deliver it.


Compatible with a Wide Range of Hardware

A modern Bakery POS can work with a variety of devices. Mobile phones, tablets, iPads, and desktop computers are all available. Errors are less likely when using a portable Point of Sale device.


Huge Sales

When Bakery POS systems have taken control, the notion of the waiting period has virtually vanished. More and more orders are being processed on time. Different orders are given the same amount of time and energy.


Automated Reports and Analytics

Your bakery POS system will provide you with detailed reports on stocks, employees, sales, and customers, among other things. It is critical to evaluate your productivity on a frequent basis in order to increase sales and enhance bakery management. These automatic data reports can assist you in identifying your bakery's weak and sweet places.


Organized Flow of Functions Signifies Qualified Staff

POS systems for bakeries are exceptionally user-friendly. They are simple to use and can be managed by anyone. Your employees won't have to fumble around with printed Kitchen Order Tickets yelling orders. Front-of-house staff can quickly receive orders and manage takeaway orders. The back-of-house cooks, on the other hand, can focus on preparing beautiful treats. When the workplace is pleasant, the employees are more relaxed and productive.


Happy Customers

Because Bakery POS systems handle the majority of the work, you'll have more time to contact clients and inquire about their service at your bakery. It's always a great thing to listen to what they have to say so you can enhance your tactics and deliver a better client experience.


Given the number of alternatives accessible today, bakeries offer a wide range of sweets to meet everyone's wants and needs. Sugar-free brownies, vegan cakes, and more are accessible. There are also "healthy pastries" for people who are particularly conscientious about their regular sugar consumption. Given the rapid growth of the bakery industry on a global scale, it's only natural to fit yours with a Bakery POS system. When you have a large volume of pie orders coming in from all directions, both online and offline, you need someone who has your back. You can concentrate on your clients once you've got your orders under control.