EPOS Direct Are you a good restaurant manager? 13Apr

EPOS Direct Are you a good restaurant manager?

Business Knowledge

Do you know how to run a business? There is more to running a restaurant than knowing about food and being a good chef. Remember, a restaurant is a business so if you do not know how to run a business, your restaurant will struggle to survive. You will need to know about all of the different costs that you will incur while running your restaurant. This will enable you to create a budget which will ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover your costs. During the first year of operating as a restaurant, you will not be able to rely on your sales in order to cover your costs. Do you know how to advertise your meals? If you do not know how to promote your products effectively, you will limit the number of sales you generate. This is because customers will not be aware of your products.

Decision Making

Are you able to make decisions? As a restaurateur, you will be faced with a significant number of tough decisions throughout the lifetime of your restaurant. Even when your restaurant is established, you will still have to make major decisions. A dodgy decision could cause your restaurant to fail. Before making a decision, you should research the opportunities and risks that a decision could cause for your restaurant. This will enable you to make educated decisions. Are you able to stay calm under pressure? In a restaurant environment, there is a substantial number of factors that may go wrong. If there is an issue and you don’t find a solution quickly, it may lead to customers leaving your restaurant and not returning. As a restaurant manager, it is crucial that you are able to use your initiative and stay calm under pressure. If you panic under pressure, you will be unable to solve the issue which could prevent you from being able to serve customers.


Are you responsible? During your time as a restaurant manager, you will have a wide range of daily responsibilities that you will have to fulfil in order for your restaurant to survive. Your responsibilities will vary from keeping records on the employees to ensuring that all payments are made on time. As a restaurateur, it will be crucial that you are able to manage your responsibilities and are able to fulfil them on time. For example, if you forgot to pay a loan payment by a certain time, it would lead to the restaurant having to pay out a substantial amount of money which would severely damage the financial status of your restaurant. As a restaurant manager, you must ensure that your working environment satisfies the standards set by the health and safety act. If your working environment had poor sanitation or was a risk to the health of your employees and customers, your restaurant would be fined or closed.


Are you able to multi-task? As a restaurateur. You must help out in your restaurant wherever help is needed. This will lead to you having to fulfil a number of roles at once especially when the restaurant has just started as you will not be able to afford to hire a substantial number of employees. It will be crucial that you are able to manage your time effectively and switch your focus between tasks because otherwise, one of your job roles may not be fulfilled. For example, if you were serving customers and had to answer the phone but you only focused on serving customers, it would mean that the phone would not be answered which would prevent customers from making reservations at your restaurant. This shows that if you are unable to multi-task, you may limit the number of sales your restaurant receives.

Take Charge

As a restaurateur, it is crucial that you develop an authority over your staff. This will ensure that your staff know that you are in charge which will lead to them listening to you. If your staff do not listen to you, it will lead to them not fulfilling their job roles which will limit the level of your customer service. This shows that in order for your restaurant to succeed, you must be able to become a leader. In a restaurant environment, a misinterpreted message could lead to a regular customer losing their loyalty. This shows that you must be a good communicator as it will enable you to inform your employees of any special dietary requirements or if any products are out of stock. It will also allow you to deal with any of your customer’s queries or complaints which will lead to your customers being happy and enjoying their experience in your restaurant. If your customers are unable to communicate with you, it may lead to them avoiding your restaurant. Do you have what it takes to manage a restaurant? Epos Direct