EPOS Direct Do you upsell your meals? 13Apr

EPOS Direct Do you upsell your meals?

Offer Expensive Items

In order to encourage your customers to spend more money in your restaurant, you should provide them with a choice of expensive products. One technique which is commonly used in the restaurant industry is offering customers a choice of two products without letting them know which product is more expensive. This will encourage the customer to purchase the more expensive product as they will see that it is of a higher quality without knowing the price. This will increase the cost of the customer’s bill which will increase the overall revenue of your restaurant. As a restaurateur, it is crucial to avoid mentioning the price of a product as this will lead to the customer choosing the cheaper option. Once your customer associates money with a meal, they will be less likely to purchase the product.

Offer Extras

One of the most common ways which restaurants use to upsell is by offering extras. As a restaurateur, it is vital for you to ensure that all of your staff are offering extras to your customers. Once an employee has taken a customer’s order, they should offer them a range of products to accompany their meal. If you offer products to the customer while they are ordering, they will be more likely to order the extra products. This is because it will be convenient for the customer to order the items. If your customers had to wait to order extra items, you will limit the number of products that your customers purchase. Offering extras will not add a substantial amount to your customer’s bill which will encourage them to purchase the extra items.

Offer suggestions

An effective way of upselling your meals is by deciding which meals your customer is going to order for them. Do your customers have trouble choosing which meal to order? Indecisive customers can help you boost your sales. When a customer is unsure of what to order, your waiters should suggest the more expensive and profitable items on your menu. This will encourage the customers to purchase the more expensive products as they will feel like you are taking care of them and will trust your opinion. It is vital that your waiters do not appear pushy to the customer as this will make them feel like a sales target. This could lead to the customer avoiding your restaurant.

Enthusiasm is key

Do your employees speak to customers in a monotone manner? If your staff are not enthusiastic when serving customers, they will struggle to convince the customer to purchase the meal which will limit the number of products that your customer purchases. This shows that it is crucial for your staff to be enthusiastic when serving your customers as it will lead to the customers listening to your staff. This will increase the likeliness of your customers ordering the products that your staff has mentioned to them. When describing a meal to your customers, it is recommended for your staff to tell the customers about a previous experience when they tried the meal. This will allow the customers to trust your staff and will lead to the customer wanting to try the meal themselves. Being enthusiastic will allow your staff to create a relationship with the customer which will encourage the customer to spend more money in your restaurant. Do your staff have what it takes to upsell?