EPOS Direct Should you offer breakfast? 13Apr

EPOS Direct Should you offer breakfast?

Do your customers eat breakfast?

Before you decide to introduce a breakfast menu, you must consider whether your customers will want to purchase breakfast products. This is because if your target audience do not want to eat out for breakfast, your restaurant will struggle to sell breakfast products. It is important to remember that a breakfast menu will not be successful for all types of restaurants. For example, if you owned an Indian restaurant, you would struggle to attract customers to purchase breakfast from your restaurant. The most common places for customers to eat breakfast are cafes, fast food restaurants or coffee shops. If you have a suitable target audience, a breakfast menu can significantly boost the revenue of your restaurant.

Limit Average Spend

How much do customers spend in your restaurant? As a restaurateur, it is important to understand that consumers will not spend a substantial amount of money on breakfast as the products are usually low cost. If you offered a breakfast menu, your customers may spend less in your restaurant which will limit the sales of your restaurant. Remember, if customers eat at your restaurant for breakfast, they are unlikely to visit your restaurant for dinner. This shows that you will increase the sales of your restaurant if you do not open for breakfast. This is because customers will spend more money in your restaurant for their dinner.

Are you in the right location?

Is your restaurant located in a convenient place? Due to the busy lifestyles of customers, they will want to eat breakfast on their way to work and will not want to sit down and eat breakfast. In order for your breakfast menu to be successful, you should ensure that your restaurant is a convenient place. This is because customers will not travel far for their breakfast. Breakfast menus are very successful in restaurants that have a drive through or are located near a station because it means customers will be able to conveniently visit your restaurant while they are on their way to work. As a restaurateur, it is important to remember that convenience will be key for the success of your breakfast menu. It is essential that your breakfast products are quick to prepare as customers will not want to wait a long time for their meal. If you are located inan area which is busy during the morning, there will be a higher traffic of people walking past your establishment which will encourage them to visit your restaurant. This shows that the right location will be the key to your breakfast menu being successful.


As a restaurateur, it is important to remember that a substantial number of restaurants will offer breakfast products. This will mean that you will have a lot of competition which will dramatically limit the number of customers you receive. Before you introduce a breakfast menu, you should consider the amount of competition that your restaurant will have. Are you located in a busy business district? If you are the only restaurant who offers a breakfast menu in a busy business district, you will have the opportunity to generate a substantial number of sales. This is because there will be a high demand for breakfast products. Offering a breakfast menu will encourage people to hold meetings in your restaurant which will lure a larger number of customers into your restaurant. Before opening your restaurant for breakfast, you should see what breakfast products are being served at local restaurants. This will give you the opportunity to differentiate your products which will lead to customers choosing your restaurant over competitors. How much will you charge for your bacon sandwich? You should research the prices of local restaurants to ensure that you are not charging substantially more than your competitors.

Sufficient Staff

Do you have sufficient staff? Before extending your opening hours to offer breakfast, you should ensure that you have enough staff to cover the extra hours. If your restaurant is understaffed, you will limit the level of customer service that you can offer to your customers. This will increase the waiting times of your customers which will frustrate your customers and will lead to them leaving your restaurant. This shows that if your restaurant is understaffed, customers will lose their loyalty and will avoid your restaurant. Remember, if your restaurant is understaffed in the morning, it could have a negative effect on the number of customers you receive in the evening. Before you decide to open for breakfast, you must ensure your employees are happy working the extra hours. Should your restaurant start serving eggs, bacon and sausages?