Epos Direct vs Epos Now: Choose The Right POS System 14Apr
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Epos Direct vs Epos Now: Choose The Right POS System

Epos Direct and Epos Now are two pioneers of EPOS systems in the UK. In this article, we combine these two so you can make an informed decision about which POS solution is the best fit for your business needs. 

Point-of-sale technology has revolutionized the way retail and hospitality sectors operate their businesses. Both providers offer unparalleled control over their business and their processes.

Any business can thrive by installing the right POS system. Epos Direct and Epos Now have become two powerful systems in the POS landscape. Both companies offer comprehensive packages that provide everything needed for efficient trading. But who wins the Epos Direct vs. Epos Now comparison?

In this blog, we will explore the potential both systems offer in detail and help you make the right decision about which one to adopt.  

Background and overview

After identifying a gap in the market for an affordable, easy-to-use POS system, Epos Direct has been founded in 2000 to make transformative technology available to everyone who needed it. As of 2023, the company has expanded into 40 countries and boasts over 100,000 customers across the globe.

Epos Direct offers the following services:

  • The POS software runs on Windows operating systems
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices
  • Hardware and software bundles available
  • A cloud-based POS system with included offline mode
  • Award-winning software that includes the core POS features for retail and hospitality
  • Customers can choose from a range of third-party payment processors
  • Complete integration with an in-house app store

Based in London, Epos Now offers a variety of different POS systems to suit the needs of its clients. According to their website, they offer POS systems in 71 countries and serve 40,000 customers since they were founded in 2011.

Epos Now offers the following services: 

  • The POS software runs on iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems
  • Compatible with a variety of devices, including tablets and computers
  • Hardware and software bundles available 
  • A cloud-based POS system with included offline mode
  • One software plan that includes the core POS features for retail and hospitality
  • Customers can choose from a range of third-party payment processors or Epos Now’s Payments
  • Connects with over 100 applications through its app store


As we now understand the basics of each company and its services, let’s explore some of the core aspects in detail.


Both Epos Direct and Epos Now have the option to run on a cloud-based system. All data collected by the system can be stored securely on remote servers. Cloud-based POS systems with included offline mode provide a convenient way to store and back up data without input from the business.

Cloud-based systems can be handy in areas where internet coverage is patchy. Both companies offer offline services so that transactions never get interrupted by an outage. 

Epos Direct system can help businesses continue to process payments even in the event of a power outage thanks to EMV chip and pin, and contactless options. Epos Direct POS can also work outside of your local internet connection, further protecting you from any unfortunate situation.

With their cloud-based systems, you can rest assured that all your data is completely protected from accident or theft by Epos Direct and Epos Now.


Epos Direct offers the best-in-class point-of-sale hardware. Let’s take a look at each company's basic retail systems for an overview. 

Epos Direct Hardware

  • 15" true flat touchscreen  
  • A metal cash drawer 
  • A thermal receipt printer 
  • One chip and pin terminal

Epos Direct offers additional hardware such as customer displays, weighing scales, and barcode scanners for an additional fee.

Epos Now Hardware

  • Terminal Epos Now Pro-C15W, including waterproof touch screen and SSD disk 
  • Pax A920 - 5-inch touchscreen Android terminal with integrated POS for WorldPay compatibility 
  • A secure all-metal cash drawer

In addition to the basic set, the Epos Now software can run on top of your existing POS system. Epos Now software can be installed on iOS, Android, and Windows. Epos Now customers can purchase additional hardware if and when they need it at an additional cost.

Operating systems 

As mentioned above, Epos Direct is compatible with your existing hardware and works with Windows operating systems. Epos Direct also works with Google Chrome and Safari in the browser, which means that as long as you have an internet connection, you can subscribe from anywhere. 

Epos Now works with iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems. Epos Now can be easily integrated with your existing hardware, no matter what operating system it uses.


In the interest of fairness, we'll compare the prices of the basic retail sets offered by the two companies.

At Epos Direct, the retail EPOS system costs £1199 which includes hardware, remote installation, training, 24/7 customer service, and full integration with their in-house applications.

The Epos Now POS available starts from £499. The retail POS system comes with full installation and training, 24-hour customer service, and the option to integrate your system with thousands of apps available in the Epos Now app store.

Choosing the right system

From what we've covered here, we believe there is a clear winner in the Epos Direct vs. Epos Now debate. As always, we recommend that you do your research and decide for yourself what is right for your business.

If this blog piqued your interest in Epos Direct, we'd love to hear from you. Our team of experts will make sure you have everything you need to grow your business. 

*All details, pricing, and features are correct as of March 2023.