EPOS Direct Why do you need an EPOS system? 13Apr

EPOS Direct Why do you need an EPOS system?

Fast Processing Speeds

Do you have long queues in your store? As a business owner. It is important to understand that long queues are a major deterrent for your customers. Remember, no customer is going to wait a long time to purchase your products. If you are using a dated till system, you will be prevented from serving your customers quickly as you will have slow processing speeds. This means that you will have to wait for your transactions to be processed and your receipts to be printed. This will significantly increase the waiting times of your customers. However, when you purchase from EPOS Direct, we provide you with fast processing speeds which allow you to complete transactions within seconds. This will significantly reduce the length of your queues which will encourage customers to become loyal and regularly visit your store.

Plug and Play

Are you tired of spending hours setting up your till? As a business owner, we understand that you will not have the time to spend hours trying to work out how to set up your till. If you still used an old till system, you will struggle to set up your system as there will be a substantial number of steps you will need to follow in order to configure your till. This will be a major inconvenience for you as it will consume a substantial amount of time which will prevent you from fulfilling your other responsibilities. However, when you buy from EPOS Direct, you will be provided with an EPOS system which is plug and play. This means that as soon as you plug your system into a power source, your system will be ready for you to use. EPOS Direct allows you to serve customers straight out of the box.

Employee Management

Do you have reliable staff? As a business owner, it is crucial to remember that without reliable staff, you will struggle to succeed. Are you always in your establishment? As a business owner, you will have a wide range of responsibilities which will prevent you from being able to be in your store at all times. This means that you will be unable to ensure that your staff are fulfilling their job roles. Remember, if your staff do not fulfil their job roles, you will be unable to fulfil your customer’s expectations which will lead to them avoiding your restaurant. EPOS Direct ensures that your staff are always fulfilling their job roles by providing them with individual accounts. This will enable to monitor the sales of each employee and will allow you to ensure that your employees are upselling and meeting their sales targets. Do your employees regularly turn up late? EPOS Direct ensures that your employees are punctual by giving you the opportunity to integrate a clock in system. This will record the times when your employees arrive at work and leave work. This ensures that your employees are working the hours they are supposed to and will prevent your store from being understaffed.

Customer Loyalty

Do you give your customers a reason to return? During the early stages of your business, you will rely on the repeat purchases of your regular customers in order to survive. This is because your business will not be established and will struggle to lure in new customers. If you do not reward your loyal customers, they will not return to your store which will severely reduce the number of sales you receive. However, EPOS Direct gives your loyal customers a reason to return by creating individual accounts for your customers. You will be able to assign discounts and credit to your customer’s accounts. Is one of your products struggling? You will be able to boost the sales of your struggling products by assigning discounts to an individual product or a group of products. Do you have a busy period? EPOS Direct allows you to take advantage of your peak times by enabling you to set promotions for a specified period of time.

Stock Control

Do you run out of stock regularly? As a business owner, your main priority will be ensuring that your store has sufficient stock at all times. If you run out of stock, you will be unable to satisfy your customer’s needs which will lead to customers avoiding your store. Do you manually count your stock? As a business owner, one of the most repetitive and time consuming tasks you will have to face is counting your stock. This is a major inconvenience for business owners as they will have to carry out this task every day and will reduce the amount of time they have for other responsibilities. EPOS Direct ensures that you will never have to count stock again by providing you with an automated stock control feature. As soon as you sell a product, it will automatically be subtracted from your stock count. Do you regularly check your stock levels? As a business owner, you will not have the time to constantly check your stock levels. However, this will cause the risk of you running out of stock. EPOS Direct has the solution for you! When your stock reaches the minimum level, an order will automatically be emailed to your supplier. EPOS Direct ensures that you always have enough stock to keep your customers smiling. Are you ready to take your business to the next level with EPOS Direct?