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EPOS Security – Audit Your Staff & Transactions With Enterprise EPOS Security

Nobody wants to accept that they need to worry over internal theft. Unfortunately, employee theft is an issue that affects every industry. Any business profit is calculated regardless of the staff they have or the kind of business they perform. It can be incredibly impacted by employees who skim money or products.

Employee Theft by the Numbers

The updated data shows that businesses lose about £50 billion a year due to employee theft. No industry is immune from this reality. Retail and hospitality proprietors may be the most likely going to find their profits suffering.

Various facts about employee theft:

  • • 21% of employee theft is non-cash.
  • • 75% of employees admit to having stolen from an employer at least once.
  • • 33% of all business liquidations are related to employee theft.

Tracking Inventory Data

The fact is that you may have employees who are stealing from you. Fortunately, Epos Direct has a simple solution that allows you to track all employees and products.

Non-cash employee theft can be managed with an inventory solution. Your products have tracking codes that are checked or keyed in at the retail epos system. Automatic inventory reductions take place, which allows you to track what products you have available with the precise number of product sales. You can keep a close watch on employees’ shifts with real-time updates and easily find in which shift the products are disappeared.

Audit Trails on Product Sales

The most well-known type of employee theft is product discounts. The staff offers unique and unapproved discounts on a stock that is bought by friends.

Our POS solutions are not just a cash register and inventory tools. Our product offers scheduled promotions, promotions that are linked with customer accounts and smart coupons that can eliminate or reduce options for employees to give discounts to customers. Also, each discount button has a consent level so you can decide which staff has permission to give that discount.

In addition to the above-mentioned permissions, Epos Direct has a data tracking system that logs every keystroke an employee enters. You can see precisely which discounts staff has given and when items were discounted.

Alerting You Aware of Fraud

Epos Direct can lets you aware of fraud through instant messages, emails or in-program alerts. A notification is sent whenever a product discount is given or a discount over a specific amount happens. In case you suspect an employee of committing theft, you can set alerts to actions related to that staff member.