Epos System Software for Sporting Goods 13Apr

Epos System Software for Sporting Goods

Sporting Goods POS Software Tailored to Your Needs

Sporting Goods Store POS Software that offers a one-size fits-all solution is normally no solution at all. Your shop is unique, because of your customer data base, the brands you carry and the types of sports equipment, accessories and apparel that make up the bulk of your business.

EPOS software effortlessly conforms to your necessities. What`s more, it makes things less demanding still with the ability to deal with a single location as effortlessly as a huge sporting goods empire with a few shops and many employees.

Winning Features for Success

Additional features that make EPOS Direct sporting goods POS software a winning choice is the ability to automate seasonal pricing and discount. Move those baseball gloves off the racks to prepare for your broad ski collection. Rebate your running shorts and hitting the golfing gear to cut in down jackets.

Some of the other perks incorporate analytical reports that track past transactions to devise future strategies, membership management features and the ability to connect with customers by means of SMS and email with prize promotions and unique offers. All of your data is secured safely on the Cloud, accessible to approved people through onsite or through cell phones.