EPOSDirect Do you need wifi? 13Apr

EPOSDirect Do you need wifi?

During the recent years, a majority of the population relies on the internet in order to carry out their daily tasks. This caused many customers to choose where they eat depends on the restaurant having WiFi. This is because when they eat at your restaurant, they will want to be able to use the internet without using their data. This shows that offering free WiFi to your customers will help lure potential customers into your restaurant. Do you struggle to keep customers in your restaurant? If your customers have access to the WiFi, they are more likely to spend more time in your restaurant. This will give you the opportunity to boost your sales as customers may choose to purchase more products. As a restaurateur, it is important to understand the different factors that you will have to consider when offering free WiFi.

Do not let customers use your business WiFi

As a small restaurateur, you may think it will be a good idea to open your business Wi-Fi up for customers to use. Even though it will reduce the costs of your restaurant, it is not recommended. This is because it will make your network accessible to third parties. If you have an EPOS system which operates on your Wi-Fi and your Wi-Fi gets hacked, the information from your EPOS system will be vulnerable. This means that you could lose your vital information regarding your restaurant and your customers. Even though another Wi-Fi plan will be expensive, it will ensure that your restaurant’s data and your customer’s data is secure.

Get Help

As a small restaurateur, you may try to cut your costs by setting your Wi-Fi up on your own. However, if you do not set your Wi-Fi up correctly, it could lead to you damaging the Wi-Fi which will incur more costs. It is recommended that you hire a professional to set up your Wi-Fi. This is because they will have the skills and expertise to ensure that your Wi-Fi is set up correctly. The professional will be able to ensure that your WiFi is secure and will also be able to choose the best location for you to place your router. It is recommended by professionals to place your router in a place which will not obstruct the path of customers and as close as possible to the seating area of your restaurant. This will maximise signal strength. When you hire a professional, they will be able to fix any problems that you have with your Wi-Fi. Hiring a professional will be a worthy investment for your restaurant.

Strength of connection

When you are purchasing Wi-Fi for your restaurant, it is important to ensure that your Wi-Fi will be able to cater for the number of customers that you receive. If your bandwidth was low and you had a large number of customers using your Wi-Fi, the internet connection will be slow for your customers. This will lead to them getting frustrated by the poor connection and will lead to them leaving your restaurant. For every 10 customers connected to your Wi-Fi, it is recommended that you have 1.2 megabits per second. This will enable you to determine how much bandwidth you need in order for all of your customers to be connected to the Wi-Fi smoothly. Once you know how much bandwidth you need, you will be able to look at a wide range of Wi-Fi providers to find the cheapest deal.

Use a Password

Even though your WiFi will be used by customers, you should still put a password on your Wi-Fi. This will prevent third parties from being able to breach the security of your Wi-Fi and will prevent third parties from hacking your Wi-Fi. Remember, if your Wi-Fi goes down, your customer’s data will be at risk. It is recommended for you to display your Wi-Fi password in your establishment so that customers can easily access the Wi-Fi. Another way is to encourage your customers to ask their waiter for the password. Are you tired of customers using your Wi-Fi without buying anything? It is recommended to print your Wi-Fi password on your receipts. This means that customers will have to purchase a product in order to gain access to the Wi-Fi.

Usage Limit

Do your customers have to wait a long time to be seated? Offering free Wi-Fi can cause your customers to spend a long time at your restaurant without buying any more products. This will lead to customers having to wait a long time to be seated which will deter them from visiting your restaurant again. It is recommended that you put a time limit on your Wi-Fi as this will ensure that customers do not spend a long time at your restaurant without purchasing products. This will allow you to have more tables which are vacant which will prevent customers from waiting a long time for a table. Limiting the usage of your WiFi will ensure that your restaurant runs efficiently. Are your customers connected?