Get Ready With Your EPOS System For Reopening 13Apr

Get Ready With Your EPOS System For Reopening

Important Updates

In case if you are re-opening your business in the month of July, then there`s a good chance you`ve spent some time away from your POS system.

In the past 3 months, we`ve been working on various epos software updates to our systems. It`s advisable to turn on your Epos Direct system and complete these updates when you can, leaving a lot of time before the big day on July 4.

Setting up your Device

How to install updates?

To install updates, just turn your system on. As long as the epos system is connected to the internet, it will constantly get the latest updates. When you first sign in and open your till system, you can receive the latest updates.

What if I have issues in installing updates.

Since you are been away from your epos for quite some time, there are possibilities that your system may stuck. In such case you need to contact the support.

Also, check your printer ports

If you using a Windows drive, you`ll also need to check your printer ports/line to make sure that you`re ready to print receipts.

By following the steps, you will be up and running and ready to do transactions when you reopen.

We guide you with plenty of time to make sure if your epos system is fully equipped and ready, so in such case if you have any issues, there`s a lot of time to resolve them.