Get the ED-630 for only £10 per week 13Apr

Get the ED-630 for only £10 per week

What will I get?

At EPOS Direct, we will give you everything that you need in order for your business to succeed. When you purchase the ED-630, you will receive a 15-inch Touch Screen EPOS system, thermal receipt printer, cash drawer and the highly recommended EPOS software. Do you accept card payments? The ED-630 will allow you to never have to reject a sale by providing you with a card machine for free of charge. For £10 per week, you will be provided with everything you need so that you can turn your small business into an established business.

Plug and Play

At EPOS Direct, we understand that you will be very busy when managing your business and you will not have the time to set up a complex till system. However, the ED-630 has been designed to be plug and play. This means that the ED-630 will be able to be set up within a matter of minutes as there will be no need for any time-consuming installations or complex configurations. As a small business owner, we know that you will not have the money to hire a technician to install your EPOS system. You will be able to set up the ED-630 yourself and any questions that you have will be answered instantly by our support team. The ED-630 will be ready to serve customers as soon as you take it out of the box.

Easy to Use

For £10 per week, you are probably expecting to receive an EPOS system which will be complicated to use. However, we have designed the ED-630 to be very user friendly. The ED-630 has a simple till interface which will make it very easy for your employees to be trained on the system so that they can provide your customers with a higher level of customer service. Do your employees make mistakes? We understand that employees making mistakes will frustrate your customers as they will have to wait around for the mistake to be corrected. The simple till interface will reduce the chance of human error which will enable your employees to flawlessly serve customers which will reduce the queues in your store. Do you have a wide range of products? The ED-630 will provide you with a categorised menu which will enable your employees to select items quickly. The ED-630 will ensure that you can deal with the demand of your customers.

Fast Processing Speeds

During your peak periods, a slow EPOS system could dramatically damage the sales of your business. This is because you will receive a higher traffic of customers which will lead to you serving a larger number of customers. If your system was slow, your queues would be long which would lead to customers becoming unsatisfied and abandoning their shopping and leaving your business. However, the ED-630 has the solution for you. This is because the ED-630 is designed to have fast processing speeds which will enable you to serve customers at a faster rate. This will enable you to reduce the long queues and will prevent customers from having to wait a long time in your store. For only £10 per week, you will be able to run your business smoothly at all times.

Standalone System

Do you have a weak internet connection? If your internet connection is weak, many EPOS systems will struggle to operate which will leave you unable to serve customers. However, the ED-630 has been designed to be a standalone system. This means that you will not have to rely on your internet connection to work. If your internet connection went down, you will still be able to serve your customers which will keep a smile on your customer’s face. The ED-630 will ensure that you never have to reject a sale.

Staff Management

As a business owner, it is crucial to understand that your staff are fulfilling their job roles. If your employees do not fulfil their job roles, you will be unable to satisfy the needs of your customers. This will cause your customers to lose their loyalty and avoid your business. If your staff are not performing, you will not succeed. The ED-630 will enable you to manage your staff by creating individual accounts for your employees. This will allow you to monitor your employee’s sales and will ensure that your employees are meeting their targets. This will enable you to boost your sales. Do you have employees who turn up to work late? Late employees will significantly damage your customer service as your business could be understaffed. The ED-630 will increase the punctuality of employees by giving you the opportunity to integrate a clock in system.


At EPOS Direct, we understand that problems with your till could significantly reduce the sales of your business. When you purchase the ED-630, you will receive 24/7 support for no added cost. This means that if you have a problem with your till, our technicians will be able to find an effective solution quickly so that you can continue to put a smile on your face. Our support team are open 24/7 as we understand that problems can occur at any time. Over 80% of issues are solved within 30 minutes, this shows that we do not keep you waiting for long. EPOS Direct will minimise your downtime so you never have to reject a sale. The ED-630 is the cost-efficient solution to all of your business’s problems.