High Demand for Christmas Orders at EPOS Direct 13Apr

High Demand for Christmas Orders at EPOS Direct

At the beginning of the week, EPOS Direct brought the Christmas spirit to their products by reducing the prices of all of our products by 35%. At EPOS Direct, we wanted to treat our customers this Christmas which is why we have decided to provide our customers with lower prices. It seems that our customers were over the moon with our unique deal as the EPOS Direct online orders have increased dramatically since the introduction of our Christmas sale. Have you bought your EPOS system yet? Here are some of the features that you are missing out on.

Plug and Play

Tired of EPOS systems that take ages to set up? At EPOS Direct, we have designed our systems to be plug and play. This means that there will be no complex installations or time consuming configurations which will allow your system to be set up and ready to use within a matter of minutes. Do you have a limited budget? With EPOSDirect, we ensure that the set up is easy and quick which will prevent you from having to hire a technician. Transform your business within minutes of taking your system out of the box.

Easy to use system

Do you have a till system which is confusing to use? At EPOS Direct, we have designed all of our EPOS systems to have a simple till interface. This will allow you to be trained to use the system within a matter of minutes which will prevent you from wasting a lot of your time. This enables your time to be used for more important business activities. The simple till interface will also reduce the chance of human error and will allow your employees to serve your customers quickly and effectively. The use of categorised menus will enable employees to be able to locate products quickly which will increase the speed of your service and will reduce waiting times.

Standalone System

Do you have a poor internet connection? EPOS Direct have designed all oftheir EPOS systems to be standalone. This means that our EPOS systems will not require an internet connection to operate. Many cloud based systems will stop working as soon as the internet connection is lost which will prevent your business from processing transactions. If your internet connection has stopped working or is slow, your system from EPOS Direct will be able to operate which enables you to continue to serve your customers and put a smile on their faces.

Automated Stock Control

Do you have to manually count your stock everyday? At EPOS Direct, we understand that business owners will live a very busy lifestyle so will not have the time to manually count their stock every day. This is why our EPOS systems will provide you with an automated stock control feature. This enables your EPOS system to count your stock automatically which means that every time you process a transaction, the product will be subtracted from the stock number. When you buy our EPOS system, your stock number will be ready for you at the end of day which will save you a lot of time. Due to the stock count being automated, it will lead to the stock number being more accurate which will enable you to identify any missing stock. When your stock reaches the minimum level, your EPOS system will automatically send an order to the suppliers which ensures that your business is always sufficiently stocked.

Customer Management

Do you struggle to gain loyal customers? When you buy an EPOS system from EPOS Direct, you will be given a wider control over your customers. Our EPOS system will allow you to create accounts for customers and record their contact details. This will give you the ability to assign discounts to certain customers and will enable you to send them customised offers. This will encourage customers to become loyal and repeat purchase at your business. EPOS Direct enables you to encourage repeat purchasing by giving credit to a specific customers’s account. Boost your sales during a specified period of time by being able to create promotions for a certain period of time. Add a personalised touch to your customer’s experience by providing them with personalised loyalty cards and receipts. EPOSDirect enables you introduce loyalty schemes to encourage customers to visit your store on a regular basis.

Staff Management

Not able to be in your restaurant at all times? As a business owner, we understand that you will not always be in your restaurant to manage your staff. This is why EPOS Direct allows you to ensure that your staff are fulfilling their job roles professionally at all times. Our EPOS system allows your employees to have individual accounts. This will enable you to monitor how many sales each employee is making which will ensure that your employees are reaching their sales target. Do you have employees who turn up late? EPOS Direct give you the ability to integrate a clock in system which will allow you to record the times that your employees arrive at work and leave work. This will allow you to ensure that your employees are working the hours they are supposed to which will lead to your business being sufficiently staffed at all times. Get all of these features for a price which is 35% cheaper!