How An EPOS System Can Increase Business Efficiency? 13Apr

How An EPOS System Can Increase Business Efficiency?

Integration Is Simple Most importantly, integration is one of the surest ways to avoid duplication of work. For example, integrating BillPay into your existing system means that your cashiers won`t need to switch from one system to another to handle with the transaction, minimizing the workload and heighten consumer satisfaction levels.

If you go a step advance and integrate your loyalty program with your epos system, the time savings and other promotional opportunities can be massive. For example, think about a forecourt retailer having the option to send an in-application message to their loyalty customers that there is a discount on the vehicle wash on Friday.

Integration can also you to blur the lines between the bricks and mortar world and the universe of online trade. Your customers can benefit of your best online offers, for instance, but choose to use Click `N` Collect to physically collect their merchandise rather than wait for postal delivery.

Consumer Satisfaction

Your customers start things out, so why not provide a shopping experience that they need? Allow them to look at themselves, or with the help of a staff member, depending upon their requirement for speed and their own levels of knowledge with checkout technology. Using self-checkout services also reduces the staff members you need to handle your customers.

And, if you think that the idea of accelerating your checkout service isn`t important, let us throw out a rather sobering statistic. Research tells us that British retailers lose up £1.4 billion every year due to busy checkouts. Customers just don’t bother to wait, so the sale is lost. We completely accept that a few people may oppose the new technology from the start, but whenever you`ve demonstrated it to them, not many of them return to waiting up in a queue to check out.

Another way of making sure your customer is happy is by offering a Pay At Table service for your lunchtime restaurant customers to allow them to return to work immediately. Or a similar facility for a pre-theater supper will ensure that no one misses Act 1.


One of the greatest efficiency relates with the staffing levels you require – and recollect that staff is probably the greatest expenditures every week. Knowing the number of customers visit your store every day – and at what parts of the day – allows you to have the optimal levels of staff in your store at any given time.

Furthermore, think how much quicker it would be to change pricing in your store with an epos system. In case if the budget puts an extra 20c on a pack of cigarettes, the change can be made immediately on all stock in your store – or in all stores in your Group.

Get Real Time Management Data

They state that if it can`t be measured, it can`t be managed. But, by having epos system, you have instant access to the type of the management data that can bring about practical improvements to your business.

For instance, if you they have not many customers in your restaurant on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, at that point you can introduce some exciting `Midweek Specials` in order to keep the tills ringing midweek.

This is limitlessly better than `going with your gut`, as to introduce a level of science and a data driven way to deal with your marketing incentives. And remember, that the data created by your system can be accessed anywhere in the world, on any device. So just because of the fact that you`re lounging by the pool during that well-earning break, you can still react quickly to anything that requirements addressing to back home.

Build a Customer Profile

If you understand what your customer prefers, this is the primary building block for having the option to sell them more. Your epos system allows you to build an accurate profile of what your customer prefers, when they like to visit your store, whether they respond to offers or promotions and lots more truly practical data to make the relationship more profitable.

It means that any marketing data you focus on this specific customer can be substantially more hardworking and much more relevant. An email campaign could be created, for example, that allows you to welcome all your regular week end restaurant customers to enjoy a special tasting menu during a fallow midweek period.

Free Up Valuable Management Time

Management should manage, not operating. The time you save with an automated system can be used to create newer and better ways to push your business on to the next level.

And the time you save through an EPOS system can also allow you to invest more time before the customer, getting such a first-person feedback that each good marketer needs to have consistently.

So never hesitate to talk with us today about driving your business to the next level. We’re full of ideas when it comes to epos solutions for retail and we’re always ready to share them with you!