How An EPOS System Help Your Business Growth? 13Apr

How An EPOS System Help Your Business Growth?

How will EPOS benefit my business?


By building up a clear and exact view of your business performance, you can set improving it. Visibility: There are several reports available that can be tailored to measure a vast array of information from margins, stock and sales. Spot trends: These analytic reports will allow you to spot trends hourly, monthly or reasonably. This will allow you to dedicate the resource you need when you need them, for example, having more staff on shift between 6pm and 8pm, or knowing you have to stock additional sun cream in June.

Know what your customers need: Knowing your most popular products allow you to discontinue unpopular items, or push surplus stock. You can also observe what certain customers are purchasing and target push promotions to their email or cell phone.


Many businesses owners testify to never having enough time in the day to do everything required for the development of their business. Many admin tasks related with maintaining a business, for example, stock management, accounting and staffing, are mandatory every day and time consuming. EPOS systems have the capacity to automate features, reducing the time spent staffing in spreadsheets and additional time maintaining your business.

Queue Management: EPOS systems have the ability to reduce the capacity transaction time. This cuts queues, reduces wait times and improves consumer satisfaction.

Staff Training: EPOS software interfaces vary from various suppliers. Systems offering a clean uncluttered interface with intuitive, user friendly functions are best suited to fast paced industries like hospitality and retail. Your staffs are your front line users so they must be satisfied with the functionality of the system so as to stay connected and immersed in your selling processes. A simple system guarantees your staff can be operational, serving customers and taking payments in few minutes.

Better use of time: Employees who have stuck with a clipboard, or counting cash in the office are freed up and can better use of their time, serving your customers. More people to serve means less frustrated walkouts, additional time building rapport and an improved customer experience.


With a clear view of income and costs, finding ways for savings is made easy. Stock Management: Inventory management is the bedrock for any good business. Low stock levels are also a tremendous blow to consumer satisfaction. EPOS not only eliminates the need for tedious stock takes, but also eliminates human error. When stock is running low, the system can order more, guaranteeing you never run out. Anomalous data can also flag up staff theft, which costs the retail and hospitality sector millions in revenue every year.

Marketing: Marketing can be a cost effective way of gaining new customers, retaining old ones and raising brand awareness. By integrating your EPOS with marketing software you can send out direct email campaigns to your customer alerting them with the upcoming events and offers, with the end goal of boosting revenue. This can be possible by means of email newsletters, push promotions by means of text or by developing up your own integrated app. Staffing: Staffing costs also a business` biggest expenses. By accurately tracking footfall you can know your busiest hours of day. This guarantees you are paying for the staff you need, when you need them, reducing costs associated by an inflated staff bill.

Customer Retention

The age of internet shopping has seen buyers becoming disloyal. EPOS systems facilitate various manners in which to promote buying practices, keep customers returning back and reward loyalty, much similarly large corporations do.

Loyalty programs: By offering your customers loyalty cards or the opportunity to gain points and promotions by means of an app on their telephone, you boost repeat business. This is also a prime opportunity to collect customer data for marketing purposes, which means you can tailor offers and discounts to specific customers.

Improved customer experience: Better stock management systems engage staff to answer customer queries in a matter of minutes, also the queue cutting capacities. This guarantees customers never abandon a purchase. Connect your On and Offline stores: By connecting your online store with your physical operations you can guarantee you never run out of stock, risking grievances, and reputational damage.

Employee Engagement

Your staff is your brand ambassadors. Giving them the best tools for their job, facilitating great customer support and boosting staff to perform, boosts productivity.

Incentivize top performers: The sales metrics allow you to decipher who sold, what, when and how often. By identifying top performers you can reward and praise staff who achieve targets.

User Friendly: Equipping staff with a simple, easy to use interface mean staff need minimum training and can be going in under 15 minutes. Average transaction time is reduced and your staff can serve more customers.

More time serving customers: EPOS reduces the amount of time to train your staff on administrator tasks. Less time on stock management and more time dedicated to helping customers.