How EPOS System Will Benefit My Business? 13Apr

How EPOS System Will Benefit My Business?

They can accelerate key business process like accounting, inventory management and sales performance. Unlike, standard till systems, EPOS systems help capture transactional data, and create reports on your daily sales and products from the captured data.

EPOS does this by integrating with multiple devices, for example, touch screen tablets, PC keyboards and bar code scanners. It can easily integrate with your devices or work independently, depending upon what you require. Additionally, they`re user friendly, with just a few minutes training you`ll be get ready and running with the system.

We`ve collected the key advantages an EPOS system can have for your business.

Report on how well your products are performing

An EPOS system captures all of your business` transactional data, for example, card transactions and products sold, with its safe management system. This means you`ll have the option to see exactly how your business is performing from one place. With its cloud-based back office the management system, you can have full visibility and control of your business whenever and from anywhere.

You can also set-up and customize your dashboard to see specific data, for example, your top performing products, quickly and easily.

Track your stock and inventory

You can see which products are performing well - yet that doesn`t mean anything if you don`t have those products in stock… EPOS has you secured. You can add all of your products onto the system to track and monitor what you`ve sold and how much stock is left. This takes away having to manually check this yourself, so you can make sure you generally have the right products in stock.

An EPOS system also has a minimum and maximum stock report accessible saving you time with regards to stock takes. Additionally, it`ll highlight any errors in stock received and any missing stock, spending the process for you.

The reporting will also let you know which products you have excess of or aren`t selling, for instance – so you can be proactive with respect to pushing items, or discontinuing.

Secure your data

Using EPOS, you`ll be able to keep all of your data and information protected and secure in one place, instead of using multiple systems or loose paper work.

It uses a PIN code system for security, to help make sure just you and your staff members access the data, and you can set different levels for different members of staff as well.

For instance, if you want to manage with all the reporting, you can set it so you have full sight over everything. If you have staff manage with specific areas, for example, stock, you can set it so they just access the stock management system.

Support with your accounting

An EPOS system will give you an instant view of your business transactions, which is perfect for managing with your business` accounting.

You can set up automated reports and schedule emailed reports for specific times and days, so you won`t need to make new ones each time. For instance, you can set up accounting reports, which would then be able to be send directly to your accountant, saving you time.

You`ll also able to manage payrolls effectively, as this will be pre-prepared to help accurately calculate your staff hours and what money is due.

View your staff performance and working hours

Need to know who your best-performing staff members are? With EPOS, you`ll have the option to see a breakdown of your sales by employee. This is perfect if you need to reward great performance.

Moreover, you`ll also have the option to see who`s failing to meet expectations, which means you can identify holes in training and support them to improve their performance.

Your staff members will also have the option to clock in and out via EPOS system, so you`ll have the option to automatically generate their working hours and shift times.

Manage your customers

You can without much of a stretch add your customers` email addresses and telephone numbers to the EPOS system. At that point, when you need to run marketing promotions, you`ll have easy access to their details to have the option to send them sale or promotional information.

In addition, you`ll have the option to tailor your marketing to what your customers are buying, as you`ll be able to access what their purchase history is.