How Kitchen Display System Software Speed Up Your Takeaway process 13Apr

How Kitchen Display System Software Speed Up Your Takeaway process

Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic constrained hospitality businesses to close their doors to diners, we`ve seen a large number of our restaurants, pubs and cafe customers adjust by transitioning into a delivery and collection model.

But, with orders flying into your restaurant for home delivery or collection across a combination of ordering platforms and direct via telephone – you may miss out orders, particularly when using traditional pen and paper.

Epos Direct, we`ve tuned our customers and thought how we can make your transition to a takeaway model simpler - and we`ve come with a solution.

Our Kitchen Display System software means your restaurant will never lose an order. The moment you input an order on your restaurant POS system, accept order on your tablet, or get an order from the App, it`s automatically sent to your kitchen.

How a Kitchen Display System software can Help Speed Up Takeaway:

Works on any Operating System: The Kitchen Display System software on any operating system compatible with your Epos Direct EPOS system.

Reduce Waste and Contact: No more need to use costly and inefficient paper to send orders to your kitchen. Orders sent through your Epos system, whether manually inputted or through a delivery partner.

Better Organization: Manage your online and phone orders and monitor time since order. Set up maximum waiting time alerts so there is no delay from your kitchen team.

Analyse your Orders: Easily observe which dishes are most in demand so you can adapt your kitchen and prepare accordingly.

Our Kitchen Display Software will enable your kitchen to work more efficiently for takeaways during the current COVID-19 pandemic, and once you`re open for full service, it`ll allow you to turn over tables quicker.