How To Boost Sales This Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Part 1 13Apr

How To Boost Sales This Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Part 1

What about SMBs? Can small retailers reap the benefits from these two shopping events? The answer is yes. In case if you play your cards right, you also can use Black Friday and Cyber Monday to your advantage.

1. Make sure your store looks special

Even if you`re not effectively running Black Friday deals, it`s critical to keep your shop in top. This is true if you have a physical store in a mall. These venues see an uptick in foot traffic and a few of those customers end up in your shop.

According to the Retail Touchpoints, foot traffic to big box stores are expected to increase by 34%, this year. SME retailers near these stores could expect a spike also.

Here are a few steps that you’d like to capitalize on the additional traffic:

  • • Spruce up your window displays and fixtures.
  • • Display your best and newest merchandise.
  • • Remember that shoppers are in the mood to buy, so implement sales tactics. It may include impulse buys, upsells/cross-sells, and suggestive selling.
  • • Prepare your staff.
  • • Run a promotion.

2. Play to your strengths and don`t try to compete with big box deals

Trying to compete with steep discounts will simply eat your margins. Rather than attempting to match the prices and deals of retail giants, level the field by playing on things that you`re good at.

Remember this insight in mind when planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Identify your assets and use them to draw in and delight customers. For example, in case you`re a neighborhood shop with strong relations with customers, why not host a special event in your store? Welcome your best customers with red carpet, and give them lots of attention. Offer customers a refreshing break.

Many big retailers may offer huge deals, but shoppers need to endure long queues and wait times to get them. In case if you offer them a quick and easy shopping experience on Black Friday, you`ll be sure to pull in certain customers.

3. Be strategic with your sales to attract more shoppers

Many people feel that Black Friday and Cyber Monday would be incomplete without deals, so if you do choose to run sales on nowadays, be strategic with how they`re carried out. According to David Attard, owner of, is “to milk Black Friday and Cyber Monday in terms of publicity and promotions while making sure you don’t take a hit.”

You could also set conditions with your discounts. For example, you could offer free shipping with minimum purchase amount. Another tip is to offer promotions that include value. For instance, you can offer a gift when customers buy over a certain threshold or you can also offer an added service with each purchase.

4. Beef up your online efforts

Cyber Monday which takes place online will clearly be a huge deal for online business. But, did you know that Black Friday gets a lot of online traffic too? This is genuine now than never before, as more customers go online to score great deals. What it means for you? For starters, you need to guarantee that your Ecommerce site can handle with the extra traffic that will undoubtedly come your way.

Moreover, in case you`re running any Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals, make them visible and easy to find as possible. Create unique banners with deals or discounts that people can enjoy.

Another strategy is to create sections on your website that are dedicated to these special shopping days. In case you`re running a Black Friday promotion, put all your products and offers in a single place so people can see them quickly.

5. Get people excited beforehand

Generate buzz and excitement before by posting Black Friday and Cyber Monday teasers online. Using social media which is a great way to achieve this, so get on the systems that your customers are using and post sneak looks of your offers.

Iris + Poppy, is an online lifestyle boutique, has already started to promote by posting about Black Friday on their Instagram, to continue teasing their deals in the coming weeks.