How To Boost Sales This Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Part 2 13Apr

How To Boost Sales This Black Friday and Cyber Monday – Part 2

6. Engaging shoppers after Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Capturing sales after post Black Friday or Cyber Monday promotions these dates. This is a good way to promote any extra stock and reach at customers who missed your initial offers.

Think about doing something similar this year. Cook up an energizing angle for after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and get those promotions out there.

7. Boost results by teaming with other businesses.

Connect with various businesses with Black Friday or Cyber Monday initiatives and see if you can help each other. You should consider about doing cross-promotions or sharing the costs to market your offerings.

These kinds of team ups can be successful. As per Oregon Live, Little Boxes is "the independent business answer to big box Black Friday."

It`s a yearly initiative that rewards Portland customers for shopping at participating businesses. In 2014, stores that participated in the program brought in added revenue, which is a great achievement considering they were competing with bigger stores with steeper deals and deeper pockets.

8. Stand out by finding a unique angle.

Come up with unique activities you choose to run on nowadays. Keep in mind, a lot of different stores will run major sales so a generic discount or promotion won`t grab customer attention.

Another excellent angle for these shopping holidays? Corporate social responsibility (CSR). As we referenced previously, 87% of customers considered CSR in their purchase options and given a similar offering, 91% of shoppers would change to a brand that stands a decent cause.

Giving your Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales to charity could be only the hook you have to stick out and attract customers. So this coming Black Friday and Cyber Monday, ask yourself: what would you be able to do to spice up your initiative? What "hook" would you be able to use to stick out? Perhaps providing for charity is a better approach. Or on the other hand it`s something completely different.

The best way to figure it out is to understand your customers. Put yourself from their point of view, or even better, get some data about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday plans. Where will they shop? What will force them to participate? What do they love and hate most about these shopping events? The responses you get will give you the insights you have to make your initiative.

9. Promote exclusivity

In case you`re not keen about promotions yet at the same time want to do something around Black Friday or Cyber Monday, at that point why not be increasingly selective with your initiative? Organize a private sale or event for them.

10. Consider other retail events.

Regardless of whether you can`t get enough of retail holidays, or you`re not too keen on taking part in Black Friday or Cyber Monday, you should consider taking part in sub-events like Small Business Saturday, Green Monday, and Giving Tuesday.

As indicated by Mike Catania of, while these holidays aren`t as big as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, "they`re still billion-dollar shopping days that will help smaller and niche retailers to compete for national consideration."