How To Choose The Right Epos For Your Business? 13Apr

How To Choose The Right Epos For Your Business?

Today, POS systems can do a lot more. They can feed data on sales directly to your accountant, track stock levels and even find the best sales staff.

A till has become the crucial part of a business and if that falls short it can send your business into disarray, so it is important to choose a system that truly works for you. Here are some key points to consider when trying to find the right POS for your business.

Consider the Cost

While choosing a till you have to take a look at the amount you are willing to spend. A till paid off-the-shelf may set back you a few thousand pounds while a few EPOS systems can be run off a small device like an iPad with a subscription to a Saas plan.

Managing Customer Expectations

The greatest challenges new businesses face is dealing their customers` expectations with the latest technology.

If people come into pay with a mobile or contactless card as they have been doing with grocery stores and retail giants and you can`t process their payments you may think that its harder to hold down rugular customers.

As customer loyalty reduces over the world, convenience is key, so as a small business you have to make the customers experience as effortless as possible.

It isn`t just in ease of payments where EPOS advantage customers, but in loyalty schemes as well.

Small businesses frequently depend on loyal customers, so offering loyalty cards to say thank you for using their business consistently can go a long way.

These frequently get lost or discarded but with EPOS even loyalty cards can be digitalised so your customers will never go unrewarded.

Caring About Your Staff

A good EPOS system doesn`t simply function as a standard till, it has features that can be combined into the till to make your staff`s work easy which will be reflected in their work.

A few systems include stocktaking, tracking orders by table and even staff sale statistics. These features imply that you can manage your business with ease and automate some to remove human error.

Automating simple processes will let loose your staff to add a priceless human connection.

Your Business Location

Standard off-the-shelf POS used to be to a greater extent as standard among start-ups, especially in rural areas where WIFI connections aren`t reliable.

With new developments in EPOS a few providers now offer smart tills that can work offline with recorded details being updated later when an internet connection is re-set.

This provides greater security to rural businesses and more gives you an opportunity as an entrepreneur to go out, ideal for events, markets, pop-up shops and other outdoor sales.

Equipment Tailored To Your Business

Each business is unique, from their ethos, space and how they function. No till is perfect for each business which is the reason you have to carefully consider which POS will best suit you and your team.

Businesses with more space can consider bigger off-the-shelf payment systems, while others with limited counter space may need to consider smaller options like the new type of tablet-based till systems.

You should think about the design, your till will be a focal point in your store, so is there any good reason why it shouldn`t reflect your brand and match the style of the rest of your shop?

Epos software can be customised to suit your product range and individual business needs, but if you`re an eco-focused brand directly you should take a look at options that offer emailed receipts in addition to the fact that they minimize the need for such large number of scraps of paper, but in addition capture customer details for future communications.

Not Just A Till

The new type of EPOS system can help manage with all parts of your business. It has the flexibility to allow you to track everything from cash flow to stock your products, with data collected and ready to analyse to reveal to let you everything from your top selling products to future communications.

Remember that technology moves quickly, so you should focus on a till system that is future-proof and allows you stay aware of the latest trends.

Someof the systems can integrate different apps into your till to help you effectively manage with your business. Online accounting softwares like Xero and Exact can be used to provide real time data, ready for your accountant, removing head aches and danger of human error and freeing up to focus on managing with your business.

Decision Gives You An Opportunity

With so much flexibility and options to suit wny type of business, in multiple ways, choosing a till which is directly for you has never been trickier.

Therefore, it is important to think what your business needs today, tomorrow and in future and select an option that gives you opportunity and the tools to focus on the growth of your business.