How To Improve Faster Check Outs At Epos Counter 13Apr

How To Improve Faster Check Outs At Epos Counter

Tip #1 - Use "Good" Bar Code Scanners

Bar code scanners allow you to check products faster and accurately at the point of sale than typing the SKU number on a keyboard.

If you need to scan products fast, then you should consider an "omni-directional" scanner. These scanners help you to check products quickly because it doesn`t matter how the bar code is positioned. The rest of the scanners need the bar code to be turned a specific direction as they emit only a single line. Simply consider your last visit to the supermarket. Can you imagine how slow it would be if the cashier has to make sure each barcode scanner was turned in a particular direction?

Tip #2 - Use New Technology to Speed Up Your Credit Card Authorizations

With credit card processing that is integrated with your epos software and an internet connection, you can process credit cards in just two seconds!

In case you`re credit card authorization process is slow, you should think about an update.

Tip #3 - Consider Touch Screens

Touch is the simplest, most intuitive human actions making it simple and fast for the customer to interact with the PC. In certain instances touch screens allow you to completely eliminate the mouse and keyboard which saves space and simplifies training. That is why the reason touch screens are popular in restaurants and bars.

Tip #4 - Consider a Mouse less POS and Set up Hot Keys

Using the mouse will invariably make your POS slower. It`s a lot quicker to use the keyboard or a touch screen to complete transactions and ring sales.

That is the reason I recommend considering epos system that uses hot keys. This implies you can use the keyboard instead of the mouse to do most things. This will accelerate the time your register operator takes to complete transactions.

Tip #5 - Use "Easy to Load" Receipt Printers

I recommend purchasing a receipt printer that allows you to quickly and easily change till rolls. A large number of the new thermal printers are really simple to use however you should double check before you purchase.

I also recommend a brand name, reliable printer with a good warranty. Your printer will get mishandled throughout the day and you need it to last for a few years.

Tip #6 - Choose Reliable Hardware and Software

If your scanner, printer, software or any part of your system breaks down, at that point your customers and staff will get disappointed because of they need to wait. Yet... it`s amazing how many retailers pick the cheapest keyboards, printers, scanners, PCs and software that they can find.

Obviously, I highly recommend quality hardware and software at the POS.