How to Increase Sales This Holiday Season 13Apr

How to Increase Sales This Holiday Season

You need to admit, the allure of the holiday season is felt more in the aisles of a retail store than behind a PC or mobile buttons. However, the need for convenience gets in the way of shopping at brick and mortar during the holiday seasons.

So, how to bring more number of customers into your store this holiday season?

Here are four ways to increase food traffic at your retail store this holiday season.

1. Host In-Store Demos

What better way to get your holiday hungry customers a taste of the season than with a holiday themed in-store demo to get customers rolling in.

Have a store that sells kitchen things? Host a holiday cooking demo and hand out free samples. Choose recipes that feature a top-level item you sell, similar to a holiday Instant Pot recipe that use a specific tool or product with huge profit margin that you sell.

Have a pet store? Host a DIY holiday pet photo session. All you need is a couple of holiday decorations to stage some pictures and let your customers get their pets for a free photograph. Use this to get pet lovers around things they can`t avoid: more pet-related things that you as of now sell!

You can even charge amount for an in-store demo if you do one that has a take home that can double as a gift. You get into the spirit of the season associating your event with charity or volunteering.

2. Run Promotions

Obvious but powerful tactic to get more holiday customers spending amount in your retail store is to host a promotion or sale.
Simply ensure you have a good epos system set up with the goal that you can track your profits and run the right promotions that will be worth you.

3. Establish an Email and Social Presence

Attract both early and last minute customers to your store by engaging your customer base on email and social media.
The best way to get the word out about holiday happenings like’s in-store demos and promotions is to use your email list and social media outlets to draw in customers and target new ones. Furthermore, it`s never late or too early to get cracking on some content that will remind customers that you`re ringing in the holiday season with some extra reasons to stop by your store.

4. Make Holiday Shopping Easier

Around the holiday seasons, customers like when you ease the pressure off. Sure you can serve some mulled wine or hot cider to ease the shopping experience, however here are several different ways you can entice customers to purchase things they may otherwise pass or because it just makes their shopping that a lot simpler:

Create a Holiday Gift Guide Featuring An Array of Your Products

Holiday gift guides are a fun way to help customers with their holiday shopping. What`s more, what better way to promote the things in your store than to suggest them to purchase through a fun and practical gift giving guide? This can be used in-store and also online to help get more customers.

Offer Gift Wrapping

A delightfully wrapped gift has different kind of effect and if you offer gift wrapping at your store, you may be more likely to pull in holiday customers.