The restaurant industry is a constantly growing market, and economic challenges and rapidly changing demands are knocking on the doors of food retailers.

To stay ahead of the competition, you need to leverage your integrated epos system. From inventory management to payment processing and tracking your customer loyalty can help you optimize your food business for better sales margins all around.

The right epos provider can help to achieve the numbers you want to achieve.

Increase Efficiency With An Easy-to-Use Interface

Old restaurant epos systems are clunky, hard to figure out and easily make mistakes which are difficult to track and fix.

restaurant epos system for your small business needs to make order entering easy, intuitive and efficient to use. Each order entry, from assigning tables to selecting add-ons to make alterations should be designed for usability.

Make your order process easy by customizing your epos hardware, a few seconds saved at the counter during peak hours can make a dramatic difference.

Reduce Incorrect Orders

A wrong order means lost profit, food wastage, poor employment management, and a disappointed customer. The more mistakes you make the worse your margins and your customer service reputation. Never forget that return customers account for 65% of overall sales – so it’s important to keep them well-fed.

One simple way to mitigate the number of ordering mistakes is by customizing your epos hardware to work according to your brand. Intuitive design, seamless integration with third-party apps, and clear order reviews can cut down on mistakes and keep your services running smoothly.

Retain Profits By Reducing Waste

Order accuracy can help food businesses retain 2% of the total revenue. But, tracking food and beverage and stock orders can be incredibly time-consuming and hard to get right. Therefore restaurant businesses track inventory using inventory management software such as low stock alerts through their integrated epos software.

Epos systems not only retain a 2% margin cost through inventory management tools but help to reduce waste and keep your business environmentally conscious.

Digital Receipts

It can be frustrating to locate a lost order receipt when a customer complains. Looking through a receipt spike or even worse – the garbage – to find what you are looking for is unacceptable in the present day's fast and professional service industry.

Switching to a digital-only communication through your epos system can help optimize your payment process and save paper. It also sends a clean and positive message to your patrons.

Most customers prefer digital receipts. When it comes to streamlining the checkout process, restaurant goers prefer easy transactions, such as Apple pay, built-in payment processing and card options. Choosing paperless with your epos software means you aren’t refilling your receipt printer during your peak hours.

Provide A Memorable Purchasing Experience

With online E-commerce, it’s important to curate a positive in-store dining experience for your customers. It means offering all the convenience of an online store with the added benefits. Offering easy-to-use self–order kiosks can take the hassle out of waiting in line, and intuitive epos features can make in-person ordering a simple and clear way to interact with your staff.

An epos system can make it easy to track customer loyalty programs by providing a personalized touch for your guests through order suggestions and opportunities to gain more points. It’s all about CRM and using your epos system to help your business.

Speed Up The Checkout Process

Modern epos systems should be less about the cash drawers and more about your overall sales. Customers prefer high-quality food with efficient service.

The quicker and more accurate your epos system, the more likely your customers will get connected with your business, with their line of thinking, living and consuming. In practice, it means you require tools that staff can use with ease leaving no room for communication errors or order backlogs.

Integrate Your Epos With Third-Party Services

Integrating your epos system does not stop at internal devices and your POS app. A streamlined system connects easily with external apps to make delivery processing clear and easy workflow. An epos system can track sales data and payment processors across online ordering platforms to provide the best customer management portal for your business.

With less time required to set up software connections and train your staff, you will have time to get down to the important things, such as making sales and connecting with customers.

How To Choose An Epos System Provider

Every epos system provider has some unique features and customer base, therefore it is important to invest in an epos that suits fits your business.

When you are looking for the best epos system, you need to look at three things that will help optimize your business: customization, usability and integration.

Epos Direct offers best-in-class epos systems. Epos Direct’s tools hit all three of these points to help businesses get ahead and reach their sales goals. Contact us today to talk about how your epos options can transform your operations.