How to Inform Your Customers About Your Trading Status? 13Apr

How to Inform Your Customers About Your Trading Status?

Whichever one it is, it`s crucial to ensure your customers, both existing and potential know about your trading status. Also, in the light of the continuous changes with social distancing rules, and the tightening and easing of government restrictions, this will keep on being vital.

Let’s consider a few things so your customers can stay up to date with your business.

Stay Update With Google My Business Page

When people have any question, they search in Google for the answers. In mean time they need to answer a lot many questions. So, with regards to customers wondering if their favorite store is open or closed, it`s likely they will go to Google.

Keeping this in mind, the basic change you need to make is updating your Google My Business page with your opening times. Make sure any updates to your business are posted on this page, such as opening hours and address.

You can also use Google My Business to inform customers of what capacity you are open, for example, dine in, takeaway or delivery.

Posts and About your Business on Facebook

Pin a remark at the top of your Facebook that contains your present operating status. It`s significant to ensure your customers recognize what`s new with your business, regardless of the avenue they search.

Obviously, this would mean you want to be reposting a similar content constantly to ensure it remains in an easy to view place. Rather, with Facebook, create a guiding post and pin this to the top of your page. The post will then stay at the forefront of your page, and your audience will be able to find out easily the information they require.

It is also advisable to update your opening hours on the "About Us" section of Facebook. Whenever people search for your business, they can automatically observe whether you`re currently open. In case you`re not currently open, it`ll inform them of the nest time when you are.

Bio and Stories on Instagram

Similarly on Instagram, updating your profile with your hours and operational status will be similarly as effective as to reach at the Instagram crowd.

Another extraordinary way to continually reach at your customers with your details is through Instagram stories. Statistics show that Instagram stories have more than 300 million daily customers and connecting with your followers by consistently posting on stories impacts how your posts act in the algorithm.


If you have a Twitter account, make sure you update your business` profile with your new details. At that point create a post with the overall details of your working hours. When posted, pin it to your profile so it will keep on being the top post on your profile. Whenever there is an update, simply create another post and pin that one.

Email Marketing

If you have a data base of your customers that you for the most part use for loyalty, delivering a bulk email with your business updates is a great way to connect and keep your customers informed. This is the best way to tell them you`re still operating, while at the same time offering updates on your opening times changes and any offers or discounts you`re running.

Alongside effectively your business details in your online social media profiles and posting regularly on your records, you will have the option to keep your customers informed during this time.

It is more important now than any time in past to keep on top of social media just as having a POS system that works for you.

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