How to KeepYour Epos System Data Safe – Part 1 13Apr

How to KeepYour Epos System Data Safe – Part 1

While the risk of cyber crime is now a fact, you have no need to accept succumbing to an attack as inevitable. By organizing data security in your business, you can find a way to counter the hackers. Securing your EPOS system is on the front of such efforts.

What Are the Risks?

Cyber-attacks targeting your EPOS system represent various threats to your business, from having customers` data and financial details stolen, to your systems being taken over and solidified. Here is the thing that to keep an eye out for.

Ransom ware

Most people from the general public just ended up mindful of this sort of attack after the Wanna Cry virus causing destruction in the NHS hit the news. It is a developing risk, with ransom ware attacks increasing in frequency by 300% over the recent years. Ransom ware encrypts the records or operating systems on a business` IT network and renders them inaccessible until a measure of amount is paid to unlock them.

Viruses and Trojans

These kinds of malware taint your PC with the goal of disabling or damaging them. Not at all like ransom ware, the intent of some viruses isn`t constantly monetary related, however just to cause across the widespread interruption. Others will sit covered up undetected on your systems, checking what you do and stealing data secretly. Viruses and Trojans focusing on EPOS systems are frequently planned specifically to steal financial details.

Having appropriate antivirus software running constantly on your systems and make sure you stay up with the latest, will help decrease the risk of infection.


At sometimes cyber criminals don`t depend on software to latently attack your systems, yet specifically endeavor to penetrate them and steal your data. While security patches are continually attempting to block access points for hackers, it`s a game of cat and mouse and new vulnerability appears to become accessible with every one that gets fixed.

The primary hazard to business from hackers is that they will get into your organization and customer databases and steal everything from banking details to customer personal data which can be used for identity theft and fraud.