How To Make Most On The Christmas Season Spending 13Apr

How To Make Most On The Christmas Season Spending

Many businesses find that their profits from the winter season can help them build a safe foundation for their business for the coming year. The previous you start planning, the better.

When Do I Start Planning Christmas Retail Sales?

A few companies start as early as possible as the previous year. Pre-Coronavirus, many buyers for big retailers would go to expos in January, to source products for the coming Christmas almost a year later. This allows the company as a whole to prepare their business proposition, marketing plan, distribution channels, printed collateral, for example, bundling and point of sale, and input the products on their epos system and website.

For smaller businesses, you may consider taking a look at your Christmas stock options in the summer and placing your order in August, to prepare for the start of the Christmas shopping season in around October. This will allow you sufficient time to plan all of the above, whilst also getting your site updated in case if you haven`t already.

How Significant Is It To Have An E-Commerce Site For My Business?

Now-a-days, pandemic or no pandemic, it is important to the success of your business that you have a website. This is only for the reason that customer attitudes and practices are changing, particularly among younger audiences. Individuals look around, browse online, compare prices, enjoy the convenience of having a mobile superstore in their pocket that can deliver to them anytime, anywhere. 40% of online shoppers are mobile users.

If you don`t have an online presence, you are simply not visible and will therefore lose sales. In order to have a site ready for Christmas, you should design it as early as the start of the year, depending upon how big you need the site to be. Your website should be your online shopfront and be an exact and appealing representation of your business. You are opening a world of new opportunities for your business if you be also choose to sell your items online. If you are not previously doing, you should be and it truly doesn`t take a lot to get your first online orders out the door. Explore delivery options and ensure you can cover the expenses by either passing them onto the customer or retaining in your margins.

Here are some interesting stats that will help you in understanding the potential of your sales and marketing opportunities:

  • 87% of customers check online reviews for all products and services. During the Autumn/Winter season, 49% of those individuals check reviews more frequently.
  • Christmas themed emails sent 14 days before Christmas generally have higher average open rates. Despite the fact that you should test what time of month and day work best for your business.
  • 69% of people prefer gift vouchers. Ensure you have them available. Electronic gift certificates or vouchers can allow people to buy them until Christmas.
  • 85% of people guarantee to be more likely to purchase a product if they are sent a discount code through email, and over 70% of those people guarantee that this can intensely impact their Christmas gift shopping options.
  • 78% of people anticipate marketing emails and are 40 times more likely to but as a result of getting a customized promotional email, than via online media or different types of advertising. Make your content engaging to fit your audience.
  • 87% of customers would prefer to take free delivery over quick conveyance.