How To Make The Best Use Of Your EPOS System On This Christmas 13Apr

How To Make The Best Use Of Your EPOS System On This Christmas

As you know, in-efficient and slow systems will have a negative impact negatively affect on your productivity. Accordingly, it is crucial for you to execute a technology that doesn`t let your business down during the Christmas holidays.

The best epos software will not only help you accelerate support but effectively manage pricing, stock, and cash. Moreover, the comprehensive view of real time data will help you keep your customers happy.

Listed below are the reasons why you should invest in good epos system ahead of Christmas.

How A Point Of Sale System Can Benefit You In This Holiday Season?

Clear Table Management View

This feature will help your staff with exploring the restaurant with ease. Most restaurants tend to split up their tables during Christmas or just set them up in a way that allows them to serve as many as possible at the same time.

It will also allow you to alter the layout of your restaurant on the screen to help you comply with the temporary set up.
Set Up Your Own Christmas Loyalty Programs
The best epos system will allow you to integrate gift vouchers and loyalty programs. This feature is very useful for businesses during the bustling holidays like Christmas and Halloween.

If you have been using a POS system for some time, it should contain valuable information about your customers. That information will allow you to tailor your rewards as per their buying habits.

You can set up a loyalty program on another system too by transferring data from your old POS system to the upgraded one.

Train Seasonal Staff

Increased footfall and extended working hours during the Christmas season compel most businesses to hire extra staff. Because the majority of them are temporary, it doesn`t mean they don`t need to be trained. Epos Direct offers its customers an easy to use and simple to learn interface that will allow you to train your new staff inside 15 minutes.

Our EPOS for hospitality also allows you to set up separate accounts for each individual of the staff. This feature will help you with prevent unauthorized discounts or refunds by allowing you to restrict some of the rights for the temporary staff members.

Monitor Your Business Data

Having updated, real time data readily available means you will better understand your sales breakdown, popular trading times and selling trends. This will also allow you to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and review your transaction history quickly and effortlessly.

Moreover, you will have the option to extract detailed reports of anything you sold during the selected time period making it easier for you to estimate sales during busier times such as Easter, Halloween and Christmas.

Customer Management

As I mentioned before, modern retail EPOS systems track your customer buying habits, which allow you to offer them lucrative incentives. You may also think about integrating vouchers, gift vouchers and gift cards with your retail epos system.

This kind of marketing won`t just allow you to improve customer awareness and offer incentives but also boost your revenues. These POS systems come with built in customer relationship management (CRM) tools. It can be used to communicate with customers via e-mails, SMS texts and newsletters.

Replenish Your Stock

Most customers these days tend to have a tendency to search for the desired products online before deciding to pay a visit to the physical store to make a buy. Hence, it is significant for you to guarantee that your stock levels are replenished consistently and kept updated.

Almost all businesses experience a boost in their sales during the Christmas season, which makes it equally important for you to have a quick and smart stock management system in place as well. This is particularly valid for Omni-channel retail businesses and fast food chains.

Sell Online Or In-Store

Most businesses these days require an Omni channel solution and the best epos system will make it simple for you to sell your products across multiple channels by allowing you to integrate your E-Commerce, mobile and in-store sales to a single centralized system.

You should stay on the lookout for retail epos system that can support your business in the most possible way. The Harvard Business School once conducted a survey on more than 40,000 shoppers and they found over 73% of them to be Omni-channel customers.

A fully integrated Omni-channel retail epos system allows you to integrate information about your sales and products, which will make it simple for you to track performance and stock across multiple channels.

EPOS Safety Tips

The safety tips must be adhered during the busy Christmas season.

  • You should keep your operating system and E-Commerce system updated consistently to keep it protected from advanced threats.
  • Hire reliable and efficient protection services
  • Install an effective and advanced anti-virus solution on all the systems connected with your network
  • Arrange frequent security reviews of your system and network to avoid any data leakage
  • It is significant for you to keep your entry points protected and secure from hackers
  • Conduct regular training sessions to educate your staff about phishing attacks

Epos Direct offers a versatile and intuitive epos software for both retail and hospitality industries. Our solutions won`t not only eliminate the risks of human errors but also help you track your purchases, orders and sales all the more accurately and effectively.