How To Make Your Restaurant Profitable? 13Apr

How To Make Your Restaurant Profitable?

In the restaurant business, it`s the same. There are a few areas where restaurateurs can guarantee they`re on the profitable side of this tested time business equation.

Is it true that if you are opening up, or have you quite recently opened up a new restaurant? Here are three different ways to make your new establishment more profitable:

1. Getting Your Customers Coming Back

Repeat business is the calling card of profit. Obviously, it`s a given that you should always focus on getting new customers in your door, but never forget about the tried and true way to earn a long lasting sustainable income: repeat customers. The most ideal way to keep your customers returning is to deliver good food and service. Furthermore, you can amp up this process by using a couple of strategies to keep your customers wanting to come back.

One way to do this is by introducing a customer loyalty program, where prizes and points are earned through frequent visits. This is a sure fire way to engage with your customers and excite new customers to keep returning back, giving you the repeat business you have to keep afloat.

2. Hire the Best Staff

As you need to "pay" your staff doesn`t mean they can`t make you money and do their part to guarantee you`re running a profitable restaurant. That is the reason you need to seriously vet the individuals who are representing to your business as members of staff.

Make sure you recruit quality staff, smart people, determined workers who will make your and business look great and your food taste great and once you do that, treat them right so they stay.

The cost of training a staff is an important income suck, and the more you can keep quality workers around, the less time and assets you need to spend on-loading up and training new ones. Make a point to make a decent work-life balance for your staff and give them all the tools they have to succeed.

3. Tap into Tech

Talking about devices, if you put resources into the correct ones for your restaurant, you can save time and money required so as to turn a realprofit. For example, the right epos system can do wonders with regards to staff training, communication, stock, and more. Also, if you truly need to future-proof your restaurant, tools and integrations for your POS system are there to lend some assistance.

Truly outstanding and most technology forward decisions you can make for your restaurant to be efficient and profitable is the adaption of a Kitchen Display System.

A Kitchen Display System, or KDS, is a digital screen in a restaurant kitchen that connects directly to the epos system wait staff uses to ring in orders. This eliminates the need for printed or written by hand tickets and the lag time involved with getting the order from table to server to cook.

There are different ways a KDS improves the daily operations of a restaurant, from streamlining communication among staff and reducing wastage, human errors and the amount of orders return back to the kitchen.