How to Manage Your Promotions Effectively? 13Apr

How to Manage Your Promotions Effectively?

Whether you own a retail or restaurant business, promotions are an important part of your business strategy. But are your promotions hitting the right audience?

There are a few promotional strategies to ensure your sales and deals are successful and profitable for your business.


The initial step in managing promotions the exact way to have them as you can promote your goods and services all you need, however only when you tie those ads to a promotion, do they really create interest and traffic for your business.

Many studies show that a huge number of customers convert - or buy - when they have a feeling that they are getting a deal or something like that. Furthermore, many times a promotion or deal is the initial step into welcoming prospective customers into your typical, trusty pipe drive.

The initial two steps of this funnel, "interest" and "awareness" are substantially more liable to capture prospects if you advertise promotions, sales and deals so as to encourage more people to go to your physical store or restaurant. If, you`re walking down the street, you’re stepping into a store where you can find big boards with "Sale 50% OFF", or something of the like.

In fact, promotion is an essential to optimizing the initial 4-5 steps of the business funnel all at once. When you have caught awareness and interest through your splendid red SALE sign, thought, intent and evaluation often happen right when the shopper sees exactly how great the deal is that is that where the 50% off comes in.
That is only a theoretical example, yet you can see how that works with promotions over all verticals including retail, restaurant and whether promotions are noticeable coming up, or in marketing materials like flyers and direct mailers.

How would you choose what to promote for your promotion? What`s more, how would you know whether your promotion will bring about income or a return on investment or some likeness thereof?

Here are four different ways to know only that. What`s more, when directed all together, you may simply show up at the perfect promotion process for your business.
1. Understand Customer Buying Behavior

There`s a lot of intensity in realizing why people buy and online is vast landscape of industry-specific, insightful reports that can disclose to you just that. Do your research. Realize why people purchase, and know not only statistics about people and your industry, however delve into the demographic and your specific area considerably more.

Analyze the demographic of past customers at your store. With the correct retail epos systems, this is easy to pull reports. Meanwhile, there are different ways to gauge your demographic and examine at your customers buying behaviour. For starters, look who`s strolling through the door. Pull reports on your Facebook audience to see who like your page. May be your Facebook followers are 87% women. That can enlighten you so much regarding what sort of products to start examining promotion choices on.

2. Know Your Pricing Structure

Notice the expression in the section above about "starting to investigate" potential promotions. That is the thing that makes this following step so important. You can have a "fun" or "charming" thought for a promotion. Yet, if you bounce into it with the two feet without assessing the promotion with business knowledge tools, your promotion could mean a major loss in income.

As an entrepreneur your main responsibility is to build demand and sell-through of your items, goods and services. An organized way to deal with pricing and promotion management can be the solution. Here are a few tools that can support you:

  • - Epos reports
  • - Competitive analysis
  • - Stock takes
  • - Dead stock reports
  • - Inspecting past promotions versus gross margin

3. Effective Promotions

Since you`ve investigated the kind of promotions that will make your store or restaurant money and will pull in the right audience, it`s the right time to get the word out. Ensure you start creating buzz around your promotion a long time before the date it becomes active. Advertise via social media, send messages to your customer list, get the word out to your most loyal customers and trying to reach new audience, either through paid promotions via social media or flyers around town. Another way is to make a buying society around your promotional items a story. In case you`re running a promotion on insulated water bottles, why not tie the promotion to give life occasions, an adventurous campaign trip or an work out story about hydration. In case you`re running a promotional on two entrees, then tie this promotion to a night out narrative.

4. Analyze Your Promotions

The last and arguably most important promotion at your store or restaurant is to run reports and analyze the promotion has occurred to see how you`ve profited. Did you go through some dead stock during the promotion and save your margins on those things? Did your promotion make more foot traffic at your store or restaurant on that day, week or month? With the correct retail epos system, you can check this.