How Your Retail Store Can Compete with Big Online Giants 13Apr

How Your Retail Store Can Compete with Big Online Giants

Most of the people are purchasing online and a few of us are purchasing things on online shopping giants such as Amazon each single day.

It`s not simply things but many more such as music, films and shopping experiences are currently being offered through the retail giant. If you have a brick and mortar store, how might you compete in an environment where the customer values convenience, speed and purchasing it from their mobile phones over shopping in person?

The answer for can you cope up with Amazon? can be: A few times surprisingly there are a couple of ways you can rise above the "Generation Now" culture to offer a shopping experience that levels and a few times even outperforms the "get-it-fast and cheap" culture of online retail.

1. Beyond the Brick and Mortar: Get an Online Store (It`s Easier Than You Think)

You have one thing that Amazon doesn`t and that is a physical store. So you need to use that to your potential benefit by offering a shopping experience rather than a chore.

To start off, there`s one essential step to guarantee your store stays in the game with monsters like Amazon on the ground: Start offering your products in an online store.

A good epos system and support team will help you easily transition your products to an online store.

How to Set Up an Online Store

Take the help of Work a steady epos system supplier to change your products to an online store in addition to your retail store and you sale through both the channels.

Having an online store, you can offer your products online and increase the purchases of your current customer base, all while reaching out new customers.

While speaking about online, when your store has a presence online you can start easily focusing on prospective customers on social media like Facebook and Instagram. You can also create foot traffic by offering deals, potential customers will see online and via social media and imprint them as "in-store only".

2. Offer an Experience

As you create a customer base who knows about your online and in store availability, there are various things you can take advantage of that will allow your store to stay relevant.

  • - Use customer data to inform your stock. It takes a few minutes with the help of a good epos system.
  • - Up your shipping process. A good support team can help walk you through ways to make this simple, in any business.
  • - Stay in contact with your customers over email and Social media. POS integrations, even free ones, can help you make and maintain a conversation with your customers online and off line, so you can keep them engaged in and coming.