Integration Of Accounting Software With Your EPOS System 13Apr

Integration Of Accounting Software With Your EPOS System

According to TD Bank survey it was found that 46% of business owners think about accounting their least most favorite task, and who can blame them? Working from an Excel spreadsheet may be alright for a startup establishment itself, yet can leave you helpless as your business grows.

Why should I integrate my accounts?

Integrating your accounts with your POS system offers an entire host of business benefits;

Save Time

The manual input of accounts data is tedious and time consuming, attributing to long periods of administrator time every week. Integrating your accounts removes this step, with your end of day figures consequently pulled through to your accounting software. This guarantees you can focus on different business important tasks or invest more time doing what you love.

Save Money

Sending your accountant reams of paper work and spreadsheets to handle every year end is costing you continuously. An automated accounts module guarantees your data is in a perfect pack, with all the data they need readily available reducing the amount of time it takes for them while reducing the expense to your business.

Eliminate Human Errors

Not exclusively is manual data input time consuming, but on the other hand it`s also prone to human error. By expelling this step you stay away from pointless and costly mistakes that could harm your business.

What Package is Right For Me?

EPOS Direct has collaborated with industry pioneers to give you greater flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting an accounts module which is right for your business.


Xero is a simple to use
online accounting software package that is designed specifically for small companies. Xero has all you have to maintain your business - including invoicing, finance, paying bills, sales tax returns and reporting. Your bank statements can be imported and categorized automatically, letting you see your cash flow in real time.

Like Epos Direct, Xero is based on the cloud which implies you can login from anyplace, whenever, with your PC, Mac or mobile. You can even welcome your staff and work together on financials and team up over your forward-thinking numbers.


Sage is also one of the main online accounting software that is perfect for start-up companies and small businesses, with more than 3 million customers around the world. Logical and simple to use, Sage One enables you to deal with your finances, make statements and invoices, prepare tax forms forms and associate with your bank feeds.

Sage is also a cloud-based system which means all you need is an internet connection to access you data. Epos Direct Sales, Products, Stock, Customers and Suppliers are consequently synchronized to Sage One continuously. Sage guarantees your business remains complaint to payroll enactment, particularly important for organizations with seasonal workers and high staff turnover.