Need of Integrating EPOS with Your Website 13Apr

Need of Integrating EPOS with Your Website

What is Epos Integration?

Point of sale system can be integrated with your Ecommerce website and enables you to maintaining record of the sale of goods and services to your customers.

Why should I integrate?

Integrating your website with an epos system is just like opening up a new shop for your business. By integrating epos system with your website any changes done in the epos system such as price changes, adding, editing and deleting of products and stock fluctuations will be reflected in the website. It ensue the automation of website management and accuracy of data. This allows you to work more effectively and efficiently by providing you with much control over your business.

What websites does it work with?

EPOS Direct provides leading solution for multi channel stock and selling inventory. Integration can work with majority of Ecommerce solutions such as WordPress (Woo Commerce), Magento and other custom solutions.

Systems Manager

System manager has changed the way retailers view their business, a complete software solution that can be integrated with mobile top up, payment acquiring and also other value added services.

It is important to keep options open while creating your website. System manager can be integrated easily and friendly giving you the choice of which company you would like to grow your business with.

Keep track of your customers

Track your customer sizing patterns, purchases and returns that can be used for direct marketing purposes or in house relations. The data collected allows you to identify true customer spend and the brands they like and the size they normally choose.

Reward your customers by offering incentives through loyalty and gift cards to encourage repeat spends by customers, greater spends and to fend off competition.