The beginning of April saw many small to medium sized businesses take stock of 2015/2016 and look to the future to see how their brand can develop and grow. Successful businesses are based on customer satisfaction. Repeat business is vital for any thriving business and shops, cafes and restaurants are scrambling to give customers that all important experience that will keep them returning. With the right knowledge and intelligence on top selling products, fast service and by making the customer experience personal, the most successful businesses are growing fast.

In the past year, EPOS Direct have enabled hundreds of retailers, cafes, bars and restaurants to do just this. Our EPOS systems - supertouch monitors and industry- specific, dynamic software, empower small business owners to sell faster and in higher volume. Through EPOS they are increasing their revenue and customer base rapidly and sustainably.


The ED 630 is currently our most popular EPOS system, place your order today!